Newsweek Fact Checker: Antifa Didn’t Burn Cities and It Doesn’t Exist


The following is a great example of how fact-checkers lie. They tell bald-faced lies. Newsweek is claiming that Antifa didn’t burn down cities because not all cities burned down, and, after all, there is no Antifa.

Talk about gaslighting. Newsweek hits the jackpot.

Some group called QAnon exists but not Antifa. QAnons are posts that some people read. That’s all they are. On the other hand, Antifa burned, beat, raped, and attacked the police, but they don’t exist.

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3 months ago

No such thing as a fact checker on Planet Earth. They all get paid by people that have firm opinions and to get paid they follow their pay master.

3 months ago

So, Antifa don’t exist, but a White Supremacist group was going to kidnap Gov. Whitmer. Oh wait! It was the FBI that was going to kidnap Gov. Whitmer. Was it the FBI, dressed like Antifa that attacked the Capitol Building on 6 January? What happened to all the video of the Masked Guys who looked like Antifa Types. Maybe Newsweek is right, Antifa doesn’t exist; it’s just part of a Deep State Bureaucracy.

The tactics and structure of Antifa resemble Intel Operations overseas that were instrumental in toppling 3rd World Governments. The Trained Agitators move in and stir up the crowd then disappear into the woodwork. Sometimes they work in pairs stirring up opposing groups just to create civil unrest and fear.

That reminds me, what do we really know about this guy Ray Epps? He says he’s a Marine Veteran, but did he also do work for the CIA? If he didn’t work for the CIA, why is it no one knows anything about this guy? It’s almost as if Ray Epps is in a Witness Protection Program and blew his cover. There’s a lot more to Ray Epps then we are being told. There is also a lot more to Antifa!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
3 months ago

Funny thing is conservative don’t need to fact check liberal garbage.
Any one with common sense knows they can’t even write one straight sentence because they are so bent.
The other reason that conservatives don’t need to factcheck is that the people that originally believed, no, more accurately gobbled it up, would just ignore the fast checks.