HuffPo Calls Leaked Trump Video “Unhinged”


HuffPo and other leftist media are going bonkers over a leaked video of Donald Trump unleashing on Biden and Harris. He was golfing and thought he was among friendlies. However, someone taped him. President Trump is trusting.

HuffPo suggested he lied because he said Biden was quitting. He may know something we don’t, and Uncle Joe probably has to quit.

HuffPo called the rest of what he said an unhinged rant:

“Speaking from a golf cart while passing out cash ― possibly tips to staff, since he wrote “NO TAX ON TIPS!” when he shared the footage ― Trump claimed that Biden already quit the race,” HuffPo said.

“I got him out of there, and that means we have Kamala,” Trump boasted. “I think she’s gonna be better. She’s so bad. She’s pathetic.”


Commenters on the post wondered why he was handing out so much money. It’s called tipping, and he’s known to be generous.

The commenters also said they don’t want a vulgar president. Have they heard Uncle Joe’s potty mouth, or is it okay when a Democrat does it?

I laughed at the clip, but I wish he wouldn’t use this language. he posted it himself on TruthSocial with the message: No Tax on Tips.

It’s not unhinged.

Uncle Joe is a nasty ex-segregationist turned Republican hater. He and his handlers divided us along every line imaginable, opened our borders, permanently harmed our economy, and promoted wars. He is not a nice person.

Kamala is even worse. She was labeled the furthest left senator.

Biden’s disastrous performance at last week’s debate with Trump has led to serious concerns about his age and cognitive health and calls to drop his reelection bid.

Biden insists he is healthy and staying in the race. How he will do that, we can’t say. He has meetings coming up with lawmakers, governors, and George Stephanopoulos to reassure them.

His performance wasn’t just because of a “bad night.” He’s senile, and the left can’t hide it any longer. The lies won’t work. Americans should be angry about all the lies we’ve been told, and they keep coming.

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