Huge endorsement for Senator McSally by Kelly’s fellow astronauts


Three of Mark Kelly’s fellow astronauts are endorsing his opponent, incumbent Martha McSally in the Arizona Senate race.

They have written an op-ed endorsing Republican Sen. Martha McSally.

“As astronauts and veterans, we honor the service of every single American who has served their country alongside us. But having ‘astronaut’ on your resume does not mean you’d be a good U.S. senator,” former astronauts Tom Stafford, Charlie Duke, and Jack Lousma wrote in an op-ed published in The Arizona Republic.

The astronauts are very concerned over Kelly’s gun control and healthcare policies.

“Mark Kelly is hoping Arizonans are so impressed with his background that they ignore the fact that he’s supported radical gun control activists, that his plan for the eventual government takeover of health care would end Medicare as we know it, and that he’d vote to raise our taxes,” they added.

The former astronauts lauded McSally for becoming the “first woman in U.S. history to fly a fighter jet in combat and command a fighter squadron” and boasted that “she broke barriers in the Air Force and the military.”

Also Kelly wants to take away guns from Arizonans as much as he can.

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Christian Gains
Christian Gains
2 years ago

MAY God BLESS these 3 fine PATRIOTS!! AND! DEAL with this thief & liar!!!

It’s citizens like Ms. McSally that AMERICA NEEDS to save our REPUBLIC!!!

It is ESSENTIAL that Arizonans LEARN the MORE DANGEROUS history of KELLY…not ONLY the ANCIENT History!!!

For some INEXPLICABLE reason he’s turned to VILE & EVIL influences that MUST BE revealed & STOPPED!!!

Czar of Paperclips
Czar of Paperclips
2 years ago

I haven’t heard much about her. Imagine if she was left leaning everyone would know her back story.
If Sarah Palin was CPUSA she would have been beloved by the comrades.
That his fellows are supporting her tells me all I need to know about comrade Kelly.