AP: Do NOT use words like “riots” or “uprisings” – it’s ‘stigmatizing’


The influential Associated Press is calling for the nation’s press to NOT report the truth about riots — it’s too stigmatizing.

As part of its new guidelines, America’s most influential media stylebook is discouraging the nation’s newspapers from reporting on mass urban violence, on the grounds that writing about what’s happening is “stigmatizing.”

The stylebook wants the media to focus on the “underlying grievance” instead [and we know they don’t want any opposing opinion].

And definitely don’t use the word ‘riot.’ They prefer the euphemism “unrest” [that way people won’t know what is really going on].

They prefer “demonstration” and “protest,” as if you didn’t know, to “riot” and “uprising” since these displays are not related to government insurrection or powerful groups.

However, we know they are tied to powerful, deep-pocketed groups and BLM is extremely powerful. They will soon be a political party and right now, they are bending the will of corporations, media, and politicians. As for Antifa, they have chapters in universities and colleges across the nation. We also know they are communists and anarachists. That sounds like 1917 Russia.

Don’t forget that the Germans pre-World War II gave us Nazis and Antifa. Also, if you think powerful groups are not behind this, why are Demcorats like Kamala Harris bailing them out or encouraging it and why are they covering it up?


Postcards from Portland:


This is the home of the President of the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association in New York City:

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Techno Dub Remix
Techno Dub Remix
3 years ago

They do know that the snowflake generation only uses newspapers for birdcage lining right?
The people who read the newspaper have a thick dermis and they won’t be offended by reality or words.
Grammaw and Grampa used to drink coffee and read the newspaper until lunch as they filled out the crossword puzzle and chuckled at the cartoons after getting up to date.
Good times.

Christian Gains
Christian Gains
3 years ago

It’s TRULY TIME to keep POTUS’S hammer dropping on the INSURRECTIONISTS, (to avoid the UTTER REVOLUTION that 1917 Russia suffered)!!

Millions of Russian peasants AND! Citizens!!!; were murdered JUST BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T AGREE with the MARXISTS REGIME!!! MARXISM IS DEADLY & A VILE EVIL!!! GODLESS!!!

3 years ago

Who exactly is responsible for these specific changes in the AP “stylebook”? Who are they and who pays their salaries? That is the investigative question that needs to be determined.Once identified they can be confronted and forced to explain their coruption of reality.