McCloskeys indicted by a grand jury along with a ham sandwich


A grand jury in St. Louis returned an indictment on Tuesday against a white couple who brandished guns at Black and White protesters (BLM) while standing on the porch of their own home. They were frightened after ‘protesters’ tore through a small gate marking their community as private and marched past their home in June.

The McCloskeys spoke at the Republican National Convention.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were charged with unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering, both felonies, the McCloskeys’ lawyer, Joel J. Schwartz, said in an interview.

Their attorney said the prosecutor tampered with evidence — her gun which didn’t work.

The McCloskeys did not appear to break the law. This case was brought prior to any investigation and it is meant to take away the right to self-defense, at least with a gun.

The Governor plans to pardon them immediately, but the fact that the Soros-funded Circuit Attorney empowered herself to bring this case while releasing rioters immediately is very troubling. Even more troubling is the fact that the media is reporting falsely.

Prosecutors are gaining way too much power. They are becoming laws unto themselves. It’s dangerous.


The couple faces four years in prison and the permanent loss of their law licenses.

No charges have been filed against any of the protesters, which Mr. McCloskey complained about to members of the news media after leaving the courthouse.

“To everybody out there that’s thinking about voting for Joe Biden, the Harris-Biden administration, this is a sign of the times of things to come, the government that views its task as protecting criminals from honest citizens, rather than protecting citizens from honest criminals,” Mr. McCloskey said, correcting himself to say,  “protecting honest citizens from criminals.”

Mr. McCloskey also tweeted yesterday, “So we got indicted today on two charges, displaying and tampering. We have no info on the tampering, no idea with what we are supposed to have tampered. Upside down world!”

The tampering charge was so they could make it a felony.


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I Can Tell
I Can Tell
3 years ago

Your headline says Louisville couple. Don’t give them any ideas in the commonwealth of Kentucky.
Hee hee!
St. Louis, Missouri just got added to the do not ever visit or patronize in any way shape or form.
If it adds a day to a travel trip then so be it. Arkansas is lovely and not full CPUSA…yet.
I’ll gas up somewhere else as well.
We are at WAR for the republic and never ever help the enemy.