Huge numbers at the Trump rally, 18% are Democrats


President Trump is in Colorado Springs holding another rally and there is a very large number of non-Republicans in attendance. They are likely people who love the economy and don’t want to become socialists. He appears to be broadening his base.

“Wow, Arizona! Big Phoenix rally. 67,516 Tickets, 29,990 Voters Identified (87% from AZ), 26% Didn’t Vote in 2016, 18% Democrats, Thank You Arizona. Winning Data!” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted Thursday.

This has been the trend at every Trump rally.

According to Parscale, the stats from New Hampshire are:
  • 52,559 tickets were sold
  • 24,732 voters were identified/polled (41% of which were from New Hampshire)
  • 17% of attendees didn’t vote in 2016
  • 25.4% of attendees were Democrats

17% who didn’t vote in 2016 say they will show up to vote for the President.

This is in line with data from other recent rallies:


Also trending are huge numbers showing up at his rallies, with people camping overnight to get in to the arena.

This has to make Democrats nervous. It has to mean something.

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LaMont Cranston
LaMont Cranston
3 years ago

Air Force Academy and Army fort close to CO Springs. Visited there back in 2016 and saw some Trump stickers on very nice vehicles.
This was when the comrades in the rest of Commierado were trying to keep Trump out like some Kulak and a local who is by no means a conservative was calling this move bravo sierra.
Probably the best part of CO and the first time I saw the view from the Cripple Creek overlook just a short distance from the Springs, I had something in my eye.
CO is one of the 12 states who passed a law giving the vote to the winner of the popular vote no matter how the populace voted.