Mark Levin Torches Roger Stone’s Judge

As you have probably heard, Roger Stone was sentenced today to 3 years and 4 months in prison for lying and witness tampering. The Obama Judge in his case, Amy Berman Jackson, lambasted Stone prior to the sentencing. She seems to think he’s a master criminal.

The FBI helped make a felon out of this 67-year-old man who never committed a crime in his life. Many believe Stone was convicted not only for process crimes, but also for his political leanings. Meanwhile, Andrew McCabe, Jim Comey, Congress can lie with impunity.

Mark Levin feels it was a malicious political prosecution.

He asked a great question in a tweet. Why is the gag order still in place? Judge Jackson took Stone’s 1st Amendment rights away.


As Levin says, Jackson should “not be handling cases,” she is “not capable of impartial justice.”

“Most other judges handling this case would’ve been appalled by the conduct of the jury foreman and immediately undertaken an investigation of what transpired in her own courtroom,” Levin wrote.

But not Jackson who is the judge who “put Paul Manafort in solitary confinement.”

The jury foreman Tameka Hart lied to get on the jury and harbored intense feelings of hatred for the President and for Stone. The judge still hasn’t ordered an investigation into this foreperson.

If this was done to one of theirs, there would be riots in the streets.

Jackson put Rick Gates and Paul Manafort under house arrest and eventually put Manafort in solitary. These are two middle-aged men who at the time were never convicted of anything.

At sentencing today, the judge lied and said Stone was prosecuted for covering up for the President. Think about that. A federal judge lied. The media applauded her, especially CNN.

Jackson is an authoritarian, a tyrant, a police state agent for far-left activists.

The woman terrifies me.



  1. RODGER is her “SCAPEGOAT” from screwing up by letting that HART LYING witch into the FOREMAN position…and Jackson’s TRYING to get away with this trick…I have SERIOUS DOUBTS about the credibility of that JURY!!! (9 outta 12 TRUMP HATERS)?????

  2. I say this not as a democrat or republican but “Jedge” Amy, you are a discredit to all of the fine federal judges who serve.

  3. Levin never attacks the official irresponsibility of Sessions and Barr, who had and have major power to stop this judge. Coward Barr would not even demand a mistrial. Instead he goes on TV and shows his obvious fear of being attacked for doing the right thing, and disregard of fairness.

    Big deal Levin attacks the easy target, the judge, we learned nothing from him.

  4. I like Dr. Savage and El Rushbo better. They are professors of the radio and the class is free.
    Savage is fearless and will talk about things that would get any other host fired before morning.
    He did so the other day and took some hits on his armor but is back in the ring now like the champ that he is.
    Levin made some disparaging remarks about Trump and his followers back in 2016 and I never forget.
    Credit where it is due-He did make a hilarious long running clip using all the scare mongering words and phrases of the climate change cultist that made me laugh out loud while driving in Das Auto.

  5. Jackson doesn’t read conservative or middle of the road news articles from outlets like this. She like her kind are birds of a feather. They hang out with each other. They feed off of each other. The same can be said of us. Think of it this way…Stalin and his kind thought alike and did most of everything according to their collective mindset. One can say the same of the right or conservative. It is them vs us. They think that they are right. Fidel Castro and his brother thought that they were right. Maduro in his twisted world view and corrupted ignorant mind think likewise. Jackson believes herself to being a noble warrior for the cause. She will say and do whatever it takes to continue the transformation of America. For her kind, a body count is well worth the outcome. Articles like this are meaningless to her kind. She is right and everyone else who doesn’t believe as she and her communist buddies do, deserve death. Nothing has changed over the centuries. It is all about good vs evil. She is evil but again, thru the prism of her mind, Trump is evil. Everyone who works for him or supports him is evil. There is no in between. Mark Levin is right about this leftist barrrrrack appointee. It is unfortunate that evil entities from within use our Constitution and flag to their advantage in destroying the very foundations the Republic…

  6. 2021 will hopefully be a year of truthful honest judges with no political motivation handling cases of these evil people who are the puppets of the left with every last one being tried for the corrupt and evil people they are. No prison sentences just confiscation of wealth and a free tent to live in poverty with no welfare assistance for the remainder of their lives. Imagine, these guy and their wife’s sitting on the footpath with a sign asking for money or trying to sell their worthless autographs.

  7. This woman is just part of the deep state coup that was perpetrated by the Obama regime and America had better wake the F**K up.

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