Hundreds of Far-Left Operatives Protest Disruptively Against the 2nd Amendment


Hundreds of leftists stopped traffic to protest gun violence Saturday.

Demonstrators aiming to close Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway to protest gun violence achieved part of their goal Saturday morning, gathering on at least one northbound lane as a line of police officers created a barrier to keep other lanes open to traffic.

The media reports them as peace activists, anti-gun violence protesters, but will never mention they are of the hard-left.

If only the protesters cared about the root causes of the violence in Chicago.

Organizers, including Father Phleger, said they are calling for five things: Excellent schools, economic development, national gun legislation, job opportunities and resources for our communities. Pfleger has said the march is in protest to the city’s violence.

“This is not about just a march,” Pfleger said at a press conference, pointing to news of 61 children struck by gunfire so far this year. “This is not about just an interruption of traffic. This is about the violence in the city of Chicago.”


The marchers of Chicago Strong, led by the Rev. Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Catholic Church, are protesting the city’s high gun violence rates. They’re calling for “national common sense guns laws” and, for their communities, more public resources, more jobs, better schools and economic development.

Pfleger is a leftist friend of Rev. Wright’s and Barack Obama’s. The infamous Father Phleger has said guns [not gangs] are to blame for the violence on Chicago streets.

Other friends of his are race-baiter Jesse Jackson and Communists Harry Belafonte, Cornel West, and hater Louis Farrakhan. West has been out blaming the U.S. for Venezuela which has gone down because of poor management and Socialism.

The people out today are the same people who rioted in Ferguson, in Florida and on Wall Street, and who parade around in pussy hats or demanding absurd climate change agreements and free everything. The leftist leaders of these groups try to make it appear as if there are far more rioters/protesters than there actually are.

The group is tied to David Hogg and his Road to Change. They are also tied to the Indivisible Project which is in turn linked with Obama’s Organizing for Action. While Barack Obama doesn’t directly run the group, he’s intimately connected to it. They are pushing today’s crazy protest. Chicago Strong is Indivisible Illinois.

Lots of Communist fists being raised in the air.

The police leaders could be a lost cause in Chicago

State police director Leo Schmitz told reporters: “Illinois State Police will take necessary steps to ensure we prevent (anyone) from getting hurt.”

“This whole thing is great if no one gets hurt and we can get it done,” Schmitz said.


  1. Note the tell of the con men:
    “Excellent schools, economic development, national gun legislation, job opportunities and resources for our communities.”
    resources for our communities…” is the tell and the only reason that Pflagler and fellow race pimp, Jesse were out there. I bet the email trolling for donations were despatched while they were trolling the streets of Chicago.

  2. HHHMMM all of a sudden these clowns in Chicago are calling for national common sense guns laws, more public resources, more jobs, better schools and economic development. where were they when Obama was in office????, shootings in Chicago have been happening daily for years, all of a sudden they speak out right before Trump makes a SCOTUS pick, good luck abolishing the 2nd amendment,, that’s their goal!!!!!

  3. I would say of the ‘hundreds’ of those protesters the majority do not know what the 2nd Amendment say’s as they have never read it, or are incapable of doing so, and knows ‘not’ exactly what is intended. I including Michael Pfleger.

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