‘Fake Pocahontas’ Warren Sends Up Smoke Signals on Any New EPA Chief


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) hailed the resignation of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt on Thursday. ‘Fake Pocahontas’ said that he should have been fired “28 scandals ago,” the Hill reported. She insists that any candidate to head the EPA must believe in climate change [extremism].

“A man who doesn’t believe in climate change never should have been in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency in the first place,” Warren said in a statement.

Pruitt’s deputy Andrew Wheeler will serve as acting head of the EPA.

Warren blasted Wheeler’s credentials too, calling him “a longtime Washington insider and corporate lawyer who’s done the bidding of fossil fuel companies for decades.”

Her disagreeable attitude is not surprising given her Socialist/Progressive ideology and her commitment to the Resist movement.

She thinks all of Trump’s appointees are incompetent.

“Donald Trump’s cabinet is full of people who have no business running their agencies,” she said. “Betsy DeVos at the Education Department. Steve Mnuchin at Treasury. Jeff Sessions at the Justice Department. Mick Mulvaney and his part-time work at [the Office of Management and Budget] and the [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau].”

Guess what, Fake Pocahontas, we don’t care!


This past week, President Trump held a campaign rally in Montana for the Republican running against Jon Tester who spread vicious stories about Trump’s doctor who was nominated to lead the VA. He had to resign over the false rumors. During the rally, the President jokingly offered a million dollars to Elizabeth Warren if she would take a DNA test to prove her so-called Native-American heritage. It is a claim she has used so well to get ahead.

After the rally, NBC embarrassingly tried to defend her with an obviously deceptive report. NBC ‘News’ no longer even tries to pretend they’re reporting honestly.

They said DNA tests can’t qualify for tribal citizenship. No one asked for Warren’s proof of tribal membership. One must wonder who came up with that argument.

The article jumps the shark and also states the tests only go back six or so generations and one great-great-great-great-grant-great grandmother is not going to show.

If it goes back that far, how can she call herself a Native-American? And what does a tribe have to do with anything?

There were some facts in the article and lots of spin that raised eyebrows.

She’s not a Cherokee but she did steal recipes, then lied about them

We know she’s not a Cherokee thanks to an Indian genealogist. We know there is nothing in her history to indicate she’s part Indian. She claims “high cheekbones” and some family gossip are evidence.

However, we do know she stole recipes and pretended they were her family’s Native-American recipes, and even appear in a published cookbook called PowWow Chow.

One of the recipes, not something one would see on the Trail of Tears, was called ‘Cold Crab Omelet’, and it came from a famous French chef, Pierre Franey, according to a Boston radio host.

The recipe was a favorite of the Duke and Duchess of England – the former English king – and Cole Porter.

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