Hundreds of Thousands of US Troops Are NOT Vaccinated


Hundreds of thousands of US troops have reportedly not taken the mandated COV-19 vaccine and face disciplinary action and discharge.

According to data reviewed by the Washington Post, the military COVID-19 vaccination rate has increased since President Joe Biden and Pentagon leaders mandated it, but hundreds of thousands of troops still haven’t complied with the order. At least not fully and time is running out.

Of the Navy’s active-duty troops, 90 percent are fully vaccinated, while just over 70 percent of the Marine Corps is. Both branches must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 28. Around 60,000 Air force personnel have just three weeks to take the COVID-19 shot.

Officials told the Post that it’s likely attributable to the staggered deadlines, adding that they anticipate a jump in fully vaccinated personnel as the deadlines approach.

We’ll see. They will probably cave like everyone else, but let’s hope not.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
2 years ago

They fired government employees and essential medical personnel, then they fired restaurant staff and airline employees for not getting Biden’s vaccine. Now they want to discharge military personnel. Brilliant move. Let’s go Brandon!

WAR is the Answer
WAR is the Answer
2 years ago

Our external enemies don’t get the enemedia report and they won’t hear about this.
There is no more WAR or hostility in the globalist rainbow unicorn Benetton utopia.
Armies are a construct of the white male capitalist imperium and we have evolved beyond all that.
The natives sure are restless with an increase in personal rudeness and you’re not welcome here, don’t they realize that we live in a golden post-human tranny egalitarian utopian paradise?