Hungary’s Foreign Minister Szijjarto Said the Name, He Did It


Sentinel screengrab of Peter Szijjarto, Hungarian Foreign Affairs Minister

In an interview with GB News, Hungary’s minister for foreign affairs used the name we are not allowed to say — Geroge Soros. He also spoke against war and the massive immigration of unvetted people.  The West censors that narrative. It’s apostasy.

Numerous US NGOs and USAID workers are becoming active in Hungary, promoting war and illegal migration. Russia collusion hoaxter Samantha Power is in Budapest, and that can’t be good.

Hungary’s foreign minister, Peter Szijjarto, said Brussels and George Soros are responsible for the massive illegal immigration trying to pour through Serbia. Hungary is not complying with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

They have laws and are sticking with them. The Hungarian government admits Ukrainian refugees since they are at war and it’s a neighboring country. So far, in their country of under ten million, they’ve taken over 836,000 Ukrainians. Ukrainians then get the same benefits as Hungarians.

But the people coming through Serbia cross several countries before getting into Hungary. They are not asylum seekers. They also engage in violence to get in, but Hungary has fences, guards, and other protections such as laws they abide by.

The US has the same asylum laws, but George Soros and other far-left Democrats also drive leftist NGOs in this country. They are actively destroying the West here and abroad.

The GB interviewer said he couldn’t talk about George Soros. However, George Soros is indirectly funding much of this destruction and misery, often using USAID. They need to kick USAID out of Hungary.

The US ambassador who wants to change Hungary

David Pressman, a gay human rights lawyer married to a man, is the ambassador to Hungary.  According to the NY Times, pro-government media in Hungary accused Mr. Pressman of undermining traditional values, violating diplomatic conventions, and meddling in the judiciary.

The Hungarian media claims Pressman is trying to silence conservative voices.

The NY Times differs. They say, PestiSracok, a belligerent, pro-government news portal, denounced the appointment of a man it described as “an expert on L.G.B.T. rights” as “an obvious diplomatic provocation,” the Times states.

Pressman claims the Hungarian press churns out Russian propaganda. Is that like Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation? Or like Donald Trump and Republicans are Putin puppets?

The paper also claims the press engages in anti-American rhetoric and then gets to the nitty-gritty. Pressman doesn’t like Orban’s stance on war with Russia while whining about their views on gender ideology.

More from the Times:

Mr. Orban has gone along with E.U. sanctions against Russia. Still, he has repeatedly denounced them, refused to let weapons for Ukraine pass through Hungary, and sent senior officials to Moscow to plead for more Russian natural gas just as the rest of Europe is trying to wean itself off Russian energy.

“The world changed,” Mr. Pressman said, “and the ability to play both sides when we have an actual land war in Europe no longer exists.” He urged Hungary to return to its historic role as a country unambiguously part of the West. “The time for more clarity and more decisiveness certainly arrived when Vladimir Putin launched his unprovoked war on Hungary’s democratic neighbor.”

In other words, join the war machine fully and completely.

Peter Szijjarto isn’t buying it

Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Szijjarto, says Hungary is a sovereign nation and will only respond to the wishes of the Hungarian people through Parliamentary elections.

Prime Minister Victor Orban also accuses George Soros and the US of meddling in his election and pushing massive migration.

Victor Orban is concerned with Hungary’s security

Orban says Hungary’s security comes first. [They have a country of under ten million and don’t want to be overrun by anyone, including Russia.] Orban says he’s not at war with anyone and wants a ceasefire and peace talks. He’s not a fan of Ukraine’s “comical” politicians. That’s likely a reference to Zelensky’s past career as a vulgar comic who played the piano with his genitals.

They believe Hungary is a tool of the World Economic Forum.

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1 year ago

Hungary should send our Ambassador home. Congress needs to investigate George Soros connections and relations with USAID and the State Department. If we don’t work fast the CIA will be overthrowing the Hungarian Government. The CIA knows that Ukraine is a lost cause and needs a New Failed Government in eastern Europe to launder money and run questionable projects. Maybe Congress also needs to look into Soros and CIA relations too!

1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Michael Savage has been saying that we need to investigate George Soros for as long as I can remember.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The USA has been interfering in eastern Europe. I see a parallel here with USA interference in Ukraine and Hungary. In Ukraine our State department was very involved in corrupting Ukraine, covering up that corruption, and trying to remove Trump over it. We saw tha in hearings. But, the corrupt USA was unable to make much progress in Hungary. Poland seems to have been going along with USA interference also, due to money.

The USA has been sending homosexual ambassadors bad to the Obama days. Recall the man killed in Libya was one.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
1 year ago

Who is the ambassador who represents the people and the culture of the USA to Hungary?
Oh!!! there is no such man!
The person that is supposed to do that is a meddling propagandist for things that represent a small crazy minority in the USA that has nothing to do with the traditions and heritage of the vast majority of Americans and instead of building good-will is turning off Hungarians former positive feeling for America,
Truly the Biden administration is doing everything it can to destroy the USA and even isolate it from people who should be allies.
I remember in 1956 (I was 12) when brave Hungarians stood up against their totalitarian oppressors but were eventually crushed by Russian tanks. Since that time attitudes between freedom seeking Hungarians and American has been good.
Biden’s appointment of a crazy leftist “ambassador” is an attack of those good relations.
A similar incident in 1989 happened in Tiananmen Square in China,
American need to know who the oppressors of freedom really are. Now we can put our “Crazy Uncle Joe” on the list.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Good is now evil…and evil, good…The ‘observer’ may have noticed the definite thinning of Christianity in the Middle East, North Africa….even in Europe…in the past 40 odd years…England is now officially a non-Christian country…Let that sink in…