“Ghoulish” Samantha Power Is in Hungary with USAID and NGOs


Hungary is in danger. It is a conservative country trying to keep out of war and protect its values. However, there is a potentially serious problem. USAID, manipulated by people like George Soros, has relaunched in Hungary. Samantha Power, no fan of national sovereignty, is promoting USAID and NGOs (CIA contractors) in Budapest. Power promotes war under the banner of humanitarianism.

People on social media are calling Power, a Russia collusion hoaxter, the ghoul.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and US Agency for International Development (USAID) were headquartered in the US embassy in Ukraine in 2014 during their revolution. The funding supported “democracy building programs,” then-ambassador Victoria Nuland said. Many question how she defined democracy and who she funded at the time.

Power’s idea of democracy is a Great Reset and wars. How will USAID be used? Hungary has its own warmongers, but Orban wants peace.

Seek to think independently.

The US administration doesn’t like Hungary’s neutrality with Russia. It’s a small nation that doesn’t want war.

Social media denizens are calling them pro-Russia when they say they are pro-neutrality. The trolls are calling Victor Orban a white supremacist. Orban’s government wants to keep Hungary for Hungarians. Although, it is important to note that they’ve taken in nearly a million Ukrainians for asylum in their country of ten million.

Ridiculous statements like Ukraine is fighting for Hungary’s freedom are being spread on Twitter while Ukraine is in the hands of a tyrant in Zelensky.

In the US, USAID and leftist NGOs, and the UN are pushing millions to cross illegally into the US. Many are fighting-age men.

Targeting Victor Orban’s government

Victor Orban wants to stay out of war. He calls for negotiations and peace. Hungary doesn’t want to be at war with anyone, and they want to keep the fuel coming. The West wants the opposite. The US left hijacks USAID to further their agenda.

A peace-oriented Hungary should reject USAID. Hungary has its warmongers also.

As Orban says, he hopes Europe doesn’t get too deep into war. The left is afraid of another Hitler, but Hitler was a socialist and a progressive. He was a leftist despite historians rejection of that idea.

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1 month ago

Yesterday an acquaintance floated the idea that the Balloons are a Chinese Economic Warfare Campaign. What if America’s bigger Enemy is the Military Industrial Complex and it’s friend the Deep State Bureaucracy? In 2001, we actually paid down part of the US Debt. Then there was 9/11. The U.S. War in Afghanistan, 2001-2022, probably cost the Taxpayer between 10 and 20 Trillion Dollars. That’s a huge transfer of wealth to the Military Industrial Complex.

The Deep State Bureaucrats need crises and disasters to fuel their existence and growth. The Government contracts out most of the work. A lot of American business depends on Government contracts. With the Congress now looking like it’s serious in producing a balanced budget, that has sent shock waves throughout the Deep State, just as it did in 2001. The FBI ignored 9/11 related warnings. WHY!

One of the prime targets will be the Military Budget. The average expenditure of GDP on a military is about 1.9%, in America it’s 3.5%, directly to the Military with a budget of 801 Billion. That’s only part of it, Within the other Bureaucracies, like Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, DOS, etc. there is another 1 Trillion spent on defense related functions. The reality is that we really spend about 8% of GDP on Defense. We could cut over a Trillion dollars out of the US Budget and still have adequate National Defense. That’s a huge rice bowl that the Bureaucrats will do anything to hold on to it; including starting WWIII.

Realizing that Defense and Defense related spending is an easy target for cutting the Budget, the military needs a crisis. The Chinese Balloon opened a door for a Major Defense Crisis and the Military will say it needs 100 Billion more to defend against Balloon Warfare. Next will be the Medical Industrial Complex who will need Trillions to do research into how to protect the Nation from Biological Agents dropped from Balloons. And down the line the Bureaucrats will demand more money instead of cuts, Gaslighting the public to demand the Congress increase their funding so the people will be safe.

Industry no longer cares about the country (and neither do entrenched Politicians). They have bought into the Global Economy and will just consume countries like Locust and move on to the next country they can bankrupt. That’s not exactly a workable, long term, business model.

We need to know exactly what the Military is shooting down and what the State Department (USAID) is doing overseas. We allow the Government to have far too many secrets and most classified information is just to keep Administration incompetence from Congress. When Congress request information and the Agency does not expeditiously supply it, say 15 days, the Department Head, Director, Cabinet member, etc. should be designated in Contempt of Congress and arrested by the Master at Arms until the information is produced. It’s time the Congress exercise it’s Constitution oversight powers with Malice!

1 month ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

What has the “Agency for International Development” actually accomplished. Very damn little. All it seems to do is saddle countries with huge debts which then allows Globalists to buy on the cheap. This started with Russia in the 90’s. China, on the other hand, is doing actual building. They recently finished a high-speed rail in one of the Eastern Asian countries. California isn’t even capable of building a few miles worth. It occurred to me some time ago that China, with more than quadruple the population of the US, will someday surpass the US in economics and other areas. Nothing we do can stop that growth. Our answer of importing hordes of unskilled labor will not meet the challenge of equaling China in the long term.

US Military spending can easily be cut in half and have zero effect on the functions of the military. A great deal is spent on consultants, think tanks and various NGO’s for purposes that are unnecessary. Considering all the spending, one has to wonder what all those in the Pentagon are actually doing.

1 month ago

Soros finds a way in through the demonic Democrats. Pure evil.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

Your tax dollars at work. 

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 month ago

Hungary is in deep ‘doo-doo’…their ‘independence’ has done them in…they MUST be assimilated fully by the ‘non-elected’ EU….

1 month ago

It’s a first step in starting a Color Revolution. It staggers the mind to learn how widespread NED, the IRI and other NGO’s are used in facilitating conflict all around the globe. Some are openly admitting their involvement.


A parliamentary member in Ukraine accused the West of using TechCamp for a “Color Revolution”, three months before Maidan.