Hunted Veteran Who Shot Off Pepper Spray on J6 Turns Himself In


Gregory Yetman, a former sergeant in the National Guard who was honorably discharged in 2022, turned himself in after a two-day FBI manhunt. The FBI overreacted and brought in tanks, dogs, choppers, flashbang grenades, and slews of armed tactical teams to find this veteran who is accused of shooting pepper spray in the direction of police and protesters on January 6. Maybe more will come out.

FBI photo
Facebook photo

When they came to serve a warrant, he became frightened and ran off. Who isn’t terrified of the FBI national police force at this point?

The Daily Mail report of the event called January 6 an insurrection. The media is still going with that lie. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It was riot.

If they dealt even-handedly with everyone, there wouldn’t be as much of a concern about these types of arrests, but they don’t.


Antifa and Black Lives Matter have killed people, caused $2 billion in damage and terrorized people in the several months after criminal George Floyd died. Almost all of them had their records expunged and suffered no punishment. Radicals caused damage to the New York Times and Blackstone this week, and not one person was arrested. Why? Because these people are leftists. They are violent communists and Islamofacists who want to overturn our system of government.

Mr. Yetman fled to New Jersey and turned himself in when he got to Monroe County. The hunt treated the 46-year-old veteran as if he was a mass killer. Yetman is labeled a number 278AFO by the FBI. AFO is assault on a federal officer.

This is the same DOJ that didn’t give a hoot when police were injured and regularly assaulted during Antifa and BLM riots.

FBI is weaponized and only punishes one side of the political equation. They operate like Stasi. It’s terrifying.

Progressive Democrats who laugh and rejoice at the attacks on the right will one day rue the day because their day will come as well. If there’s no justice for the right, they’ll find there’s no justice for the left. Justice has to be consistent and fair and follow a rule of law or there won’t be justice for anyone.

So, how did we punish the weaponized FBI? We gave them another $375 million in spending money for their new facility that will be larger than the Pentagon as they turn their counterterrorism tactics against Americans.

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