Hunter Biden Indicted on Gun Charges


Special counsel David Weiss has indicted President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden on felony gun charges, the MSM reports.

There was a strong backlash over the ridiculous plea agreement and accusations of corruption by Delaware attorney, now special counsel, David Weiss, and Attorney General Merrick Garland. That’s the only reason these more minor charges were brought back to the courts.

The younger Biden has been charged with one count of False Statement in the Purchase of a Firearm, one count of False Statement Related to Information Required to be Kept By a Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer, and one count of Possession of a Firearm by a Person who is an Unlawful User of or Addicted to a Controlled Substance.

The more serious charges related to business deals with foreign foes are beyond the statute of limitations.

Prosecutors have spent years scrutinizing Hunter Biden’s business endeavors and personal life — a probe that appeared to culminate in a plea agreement the two sides struck in June. The plea agreement allowed him to evade prison and avoid prosecution for related past and future crimes. The judge did not accept the plea agreement because it was out of the ordinary.

Weeks later, on Aug. 11, Attorney General Merrick Garland elevated Weiss to special counsel, granting him broader authority to press charges against Hunter Biden in any district in the country.

That was allegedly to prove Merrick Garland never stopped him from filing charges. This is a distraction from the more serious crimes Joe Biden and his son might have committed.

Hunter allegedly faces ten years in prison. Hunter’s gun crime has nothing to do with Joe Biden. It’s the only charge that doesn’t have anything to do with Joe Biden.

By the way, no one raided his home or put him in handcuffs at gunpoint as they usually do with Republicans.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

This is such an obvious attempt to clear the slate. They used the only charge which did not involve Joe.

5 months ago

How effective will the prosecution actually do their job. I’d bet they deliberately lose the case.