Hunter Biden’s Gun Trial Is Underway


Hunter Biden’s trial in Wilmington, Delaware—Biden’s hometown, and everyone probably knows everyone—began on Monday morning. On Tuesday, they got a late start, but they got through opening statements and the interview with at least one FBI agent.

This is the first time a son of a President is on trial. No one is above the law.

Jill Biden, Ashley, and other Bidens are showing up at the trial in the town where the Bidens live. Will the jury find Hunter guilty when the town’s favorite son is the president?

Hunter Biden

They quickly picked 12 jurors and four alternates. One was a former Secret Service employee, some jurors had family members or friends with substance abuse issues, and one man was an acquaintance of Jill Biden and met Joe several times.

Hunter escaped the most serious charges against him when US Attorney David Weiss let the statute of limitations pass. Weiss is now the special counsel on Hunter’s trial for three felony charges.

He lied on a form to purchase a gun in 2018 while addicted to drugs.

Biden met with Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden and one of Hunter’s former girlfriends.

Joe Biden visited her last week for the first time in years. His supporters said it was to commiserate on the anniversary of Beau’s death. Biden was understandably accused of witness tampering.

U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika, a Trump appointee, presides over the trial.

Nothing happened in the morning because FIVE jury members didn’t arrive on time.

Maybe they want out. Here’s an X post from the Bidens that sends a message:

The jury of six women and six men was formally seated on Monday. According to Judge Maryellen Noreika, a juror emailed the court on Tuesday saying she lived an hour away from the courthouse and didn’t have a car.

Judge Noreika exempted her. Strange how the juror didn’t mention that.

Apparently, in Wilmington, it’s hard to find jurors who aren’t addicted to substances or related to someone who is:

As we noted, one juror knows Jill and met Joe several times.

So, why are they putting these potentially biased people on the jury who might be sympathetic to Hunter? Maybe because there’s no prosecutor. They’re all serving as Biden’s defense attorneys.

The Hunter laptop was allowed into evidence, and it is REAL!

There are no cameras or tape recorders allowed in the courtroom.

This video is funny.

Fake News CNN posted information here about the trial.

It looks like Hunter’s wife is perfect for him:

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