Scientists Suggest Excess Deaths Are Tied to COVID Vaccines


According to The Telegraph, Scientists suggest that COVID-19 vaccines could be tied to the rise in excess deaths since the pandemic.

Researchers from The Netherlands analyzed data from 47 Western countries and discovered there had been more than three million excess deaths since 2020. The trend continued despite the rollout of vaccines and containment measures.

They said the “unprecedented” figures “raised serious concerns” and called on governments to investigate the underlying causes, including possible vaccine harms fully.

Writing in the BMJ Public Health, the authors from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, said: “Although COVID-19 vaccines were provided to guard civilians from suffering morbidity and mortality from the COVID-19 virus, suspected adverse events have also been documented.

“Both medical professionals and citizens have reported serious injuries and deaths following vaccination to various official databases in the Western World.”

“During the pandemic, it was emphasized by politicians and the media on a daily basis that every Covid-19 death mattered and every life deserved protection through containment measures and Covid-19 vaccines. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the same morale should apply.”

The study found that across Europe, the US, and Australia, there had been more than one million excess deaths in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, but also 1.2 million in 2021 and 800,000 in 2022 after measures were implemented.

Researchers said the figure included deaths from COVID-19 and the “indirect effects of the health strategies to address the virus spread and infection.”

They warned that side effects linked to the COVID-19 vaccine included ischaemic stroke, acute coronary syndrome, and brain hemorrhage, cardiovascular diseases, coagulation, hemorrhages, gastrointestinal events. and blood clotting.

German researchers have pointed out that the onset of excess mortality in early 2021 in the country coincided with the rollout of vaccines, which the team said “warranted further investigation”.

There are no conclusions, but there are more questions, and there is a need for more investigation. The tyrants who forced experimental vaccines on us don’t want to be caught lacking.


There is no direct evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine causes tinnitus or ear ringing. However, some people have reported tinnitus after receiving the vaccine, including Gregory Poland, MD, a vaccine scientist who said his tinnitus worsened after receiving his second dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. One study found no definite correlation between the vaccine and tinnitus. Still, it was noted that 50% of Pfizer patients reported onset of tinnitus after their second dose, 25% after their first dose, and the remainder had unclear onset. (AI-generated post on Google)

This research is usually done over ten years, but that didn’t happen with the COVID-19 vaccine.

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