Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Quashed, Terms of Release Severe


Hunter Biden’s plea deal has collapsed and the conditions for his release are stunning. After back-and-forth over the past two days, Judge Maryellen Noreika did not accept his plea deal.

Judge Noreika released the conditions for Hunter Biden’s release. If he violates them, he could be arrested immediately.

Judge Noreika shelved his plea deal earlier this morning. They came up with an excuse and haven’t been sanctioned yet for allegedly hiding information from the judge.

Hunter pleaded guilty after his plea deal was canceled. One must wonder if Hunter has ever paid a price for his actions.

The conditions listed in the court order are comprehensive and detailed:
  • He cannot possess firearms.
  • Hunter cannot use or possess controlled substances, including marijuana unless specifically prescribed by a doctor.
  • Biden will be under the supervision of federal authorities. It is unprecedented.
  • Judge Noreika imposed an absolute ban on alcohol use.
  • Continue to seek employment.
  • Surrender his passport.
  • He will be tested regularly for substances.
  • He must go to therapy for his substance abuse issues.

The penalties for violating the conditions are severe. He could be arrested and his bond forfeited. Hunter could also be charged with contempt of court.


Hunter Biden again faces charges relating to tax evasion, illegal drug use, and firearm possession. He’s going on trial.

Maybe this is what he needs to straighten out. The drugs found in the White House could be his, showing the extreme depth of his problem.

He has potentially committed far more serious crimes – like treason.

The Garland-Biden DOJ is a disgrace:

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