Hunter’s ‘amazing, extraordinary, sublime, strong’ art he blows out of a straw


Dreams of My Father by Antonio Branco

Hunter Biden’s latest scam in a long career of scamming is as an artist. He paints by blowing through a straw. He’s had a lot of practice blowing through pipes so this is a natural next step.

His life is filled with rich experiences in a number of lucrative ventures in the military, finance, writing, and as dad’s bagman. In his many careers and in his life, he has spent extravagantly on drugs, strippers, prostitutes, and sleazy parties throughout the world.

In other words, he wasted it so far, but now he’s an artist and the art world is agog over how good he is.

Prices for Hunter Biden’s work will range from $75,000 for works on paper to as high as half a million dollars for large-scale paintings, his Soho art dealer, Georges Berges, told artnet.

Art dealers have praised Hunter’s artistic ability, saying his work could be worth big bucks. They must be on drugs.

Speaking to The New York Post, Mark Tribe, chairman of the MFA Fine arts department at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, suggested he was a fan of Hunter’s work, calling it “strong”.

“The colors and compelling organic forms – it’s the kind of organic abstraction that I find easy on the eyes and provokes your curiosity,’’ he said of Hunter’s mixed-media paintings and drawings.

Others say it’s “amazing, extraordinary, sublime.”

No, actually it’s crap.

The buyers will remain anonymous. Why is that do you think?

Jason Chaffetz thinks he knows. He writes:

But before anyone gets too impressed, let’s think for a minute how convenient this arrangement might be for anyone wanting to buy access to the president of the United States.

Art is subjective. Who is to say just how much any piece is worth? The purchases are confidential. Who is to know if it’s a foreign government, a drug cartel, or a Ukrainian oligarch buying access to the artist or his family?

Given the history of this particular son of this particular president, who could blame an oligarch for wanting to try?

Could it be this is another campaign contribution of sorts, one that evades campaign finance law?

It’s a great way for a crackhead to take bribes. Special interests buy the painting and wait for Daddy to pay off at some future date. Try and prove they planned it — you can’t.

This goes on with book deals all the time. They evade campaign finance laws.

Anyone who thinks any of those paintings are worth $500,000 is no art dealer.

New artists are lucky if they make a thousand dollars, but the blowpipe expert is able to trade on a name. We’re not saying that’s what he is doing, but it certainly is suspicious, especially given his past and Daddy’s past.

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