Hunter’s Art Gallery Has 2 Staffers and Got 500K COV $$$


Steven Mintz analyzed the new report that President Biden had a joint bank account with his son Hunter. Mintz is a Cal Poly professor and expert in accounting ethics. He says Joe Biden could be implicated in the FBI’s probe into Hunter’s finances

Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley says that the evidence suggests the father and son reimbursed each other, and mingled their finances


The art gallery selling degenerate Hunter‘s paintings saw its federal COVID-19 loan increased from $150,000 to $500,000 after his father took office, we now know.

Public records, seen by the New York Post, show the Georges Bergès Gallery in Soho, New York City, applied for and was granted a $150,000 COVID disaster assistance loan from the Small Business Administration last year.

In July 2021 – six months after Joe Biden took office – this figure was then revised, awarding the company another $350,000 and more than trebling the total value of the loan.

Just over two months later, the gallery hosted a pop-up show at the famous Milk studios in Hollywood to sell the president’s son’s paintings which cost between $75,000 and $500,000.

The gallery has two employees. How did it qualify for a half million dollars?

All tolled, $580,000 in taxpayer-funded COVID relief aid was doled out to a gallery with only two employees, according to SBA records, The New York Post reports.

By the way, Hunter is still in business with the Chinese Communists.

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