Hunter’s Lawyer Says Hunter’s not Getting Fairness, Justice & Decency


Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abby Lowell, is willing to go into magical thinking to exonerate his client. Tell a good story, omit facts, and get the client off.

This is a clown world.

“Where’s the fairness, justice, and decency in this,” Lowell said in a gently pleading voice. “Charges in this new indictment talk about a period where Hunter was at the lowest ebb of his addiction. And like people in that regard, and I know everybody in America either has somebody in their family or friends who suffer from addiction, he certainly did things that he’s not proud of but wait, what happened since? He got himself sober in 2019, and he paid all of the taxes that are owed in this indictment more than two years ago with interest and penalties. Nobody in that position would be charged the way he was yesterday. Nobody.”

How pathetic.

JUNE 22, 2023: Hunter Biden deducted payments to prostitute, sex club from his taxes, Reading the News on The New York Post, on a Macbook

He needn’t worry. Most see this indictment as part of a game in which Hunter will be found not guilty or pardoned.


If you want to know what unfair is, then look at what the Left is doing to Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, let loose during an interview with Pete Hegseth.

Two of the many trial dates aimed at destroying Donald Trump’s campaign are scheduled to begin in March 2024, in the middle of the GOP primary.

“Let’s be clear. The Jack Smiths and the Fani Willises and the D.A. Braggs and the Letitia Jameses, if they could have it their way, would have all trials the same week. It’s unrealistic, it’s ridiculous, and it’s obvious. So what I think is happening is the judges will have to fight it out amongst themselves. You cannot have one defendant in multiple cases.”

“But if you do look at the timeline as you mentioned, every single event, every single event from the indictment to the rushed grand jury, years after the events took place when they didn’t need to rush it, they could have had it two years ago, every single thing says very clearly, Joe Biden doesn’t know what he is doing in office, so let’s distract America so that all we talk about is President Trump and these hoaxes. That’s really all they are. So we are going to obviously argue that it’s impossible for one person to be in four different places. We’re going to argue that this is election interference,” Habba added.

“And then we will take a look at each individual person and say, ‘You ran for office based on the fact that you said you would get Trump, and so did you and so did you, and now we need our Constitution and due process to step in and do its part.’ If we don’t have fair judges, unfortunately, we won’t get this. So, we have a great team. I love our legal team right now. I feel strong, and the president feels strong. We will take each one head-on,” she said.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

“Where’s the fairness, justice, and decency in this?”
A very good question? Are there any of those things in the man Hunter?
The way he treated his ex and child? The way he worked with the enemies of or country?