US State Department Sued Over Funding Corrupt Fact Checkers


The First Amendment is clear. “Congress shall make no law bridging the freedom of speech or of the press.” The US government does not think it pertains to them. They have been funding a particularly nasty actor – NewsGuard – to damage the free speech of conservatives.

NewsGuard calls itself “the Internet trust tool” and purports to offer “transparent tools to counter misinformation for readers, brands, and democracies.”

The US government funds them through something called the Global Engagement Center.

A lawsuit, filed in federal court by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton along with the Daily Wire and the Federalist, declares that the state department is funding this technology that could ”render disfavored press, outlets, unprofitable.”

The goal is to suppress conservative voices, reducing their advertising revenues.

They’ve done this to the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER).

In October 2020, AIER hosted the conference that produced The Great Barrington Declaration. It was a statement that opposed the use of lockdowns during the Covid pandemic panic.

The Declaration went viral, infuriating the federal government.

NIH Chief Francis Collins instructed Anthony Fauci to wage ”a quick and devastating, published takedown” of the document, which was the first major scientific challenge to the disaster lockdown strategy.

They were put on NewsGuard’s radar. The fake fact-checkers then began to “fact-check” them with political blather. NewsGuard is not neutral, and it’s biased. The reviewer had no qualifications in science or health policy. They built their attack at NewsGuard on the word of a politician, former United Kingdom health secretary Matt Hancock. He was the architect of Britain’s Draconian lockdown policies. He was made to leave his position in disgrace for violating his own lockdown rules.

NewsGuard is a spreader of misinformation. They targeted websites that shared honest information about the lab hypothesis of COVID-19. NewsGuard called every bit of evidence an unfounded conspiracy theory. They held to the Biden administration line.

No one is safe from NewsGuard unless you are safely on the left. The outfit received funding from the government. Its software is being rolled out by millions of schoolteachers across the country thanks to the hard-left teachers union president Randi Weingarten.

NewsGuard Technologies was founded in 2018 by Steven Brill and L. Gordon Crovitz, who serve as co-CEOs. Investors include the Knight Foundation and Publicis.

Gordon Crovitz is a former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and served on the George Soros-Funded Journalism Advisory Board. Soros and Crovitz are said to be friends.

NewsGuard was forced to retract 21 of their ratings, and the Sentinel was one of their victims.

In fact, every few years, they are back victimizing us again.

It should be noted that Media Bias Fact Check doesn’t do anything without checking NewsGuard, from what I can see. The writer of that biased piece of garbage Van Zandt told me if I wanted to get a better review, I must win over NewsGuard. Before NewsGuard’s existence, the Media Bias Fact Check Editor gave me excellent write-ups. He said I was highly credible. For a while, NewsGuard gave me all green lights; then a new reviewer said someone told him to review the site, and it was downhill from there.

NewsGuard failed to make money until they formed an illicit deal with the hardcore leftist teacher’s union.

Self-appointed fact-checkers are all left-wing. Politifact approached me about my reporting on Ilhan Omar’s marriage to her brother. It looked like an attempt to commit immigration fraud. I directed the person to Powerline Blog. They never reviewed it. They couldn’t. There was far too much evidence indicating it was true.

We work hard at the Sentinel to get accurate information for you and correct mistakes when uncovered. Their favored news sites should be a fraction as accurate.


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Our tax dollars used to fund means to keep the truth from us? Insanity!