Hunting Down & Reeducating NYFD Who Booed Letitia James


Some New York City Firefighters booed the New York Attorney General Letitia James, who specializes in injustice. She was giving a speech during a promotion ceremony when boos and pro-Trump chants echoed through the auditorium. The union will now hunt them down for their exercise of free speech and punish them. They will also face re-education as if they were in Beijing. These are people who risk their lives to save others.

Fire Commissioner John Hodgens vowed to hunt them down.

Absurdly, the firefighters are told to turn themselves in or risk being hunted down. According to a memo reportedly sent by the union, when they turn themselves in, “they will be educated as to why their behavior is unacceptable.”

They also told the members they had videos and photos and knew who they were. That was a warning and a barely disguised threat.

The union claims they are not hunting them down, but they are. They say it was unacceptable and violates the code of conduct, but no one booing was in uniform and they were on their own time.

Councilwoman Vicki Palladino wrote on X.

“Hunting down firefighters who heckled Letitia James? It’ll be ‘better for them’ if they turn themselves in?

“I’m sorry but what?

“Letitia James isn’t the Queen, and we have a first amendment.

“These men were not in uniform, they were not violent or disruptive, and they had every right to express themselves to an elected official in that setting. Period. “Any recriminations or disciplinary action against them is illegal and should be met with fierce condemnation and legal action. Not even a Bill DeBlasio went after the NYPD officers who turned their backs on him in protest. This is no different.

“The FDNY brass were dead wrong to make these threats, but I have a hunch they originated with AG James herself, likely threatening some kind of investigation or other hassle should they not fall into line and kiss her ring.

“Yet we’re supposed to believe Democrats like her are out there saving ‘democracy’ for us. Yeah right

They are saving democracy by destroying democracy. When they say democracy, they mean communism.

End Wokeness, a popular X influencer, shared memos reportedly from the Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) & Uniformed Firefighters Association. Here’s one:

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