State Media on Biden’s “Fiery, Forceful, Punchy, Spirited” SOTU


Could state media in the GDR, Soviet Union, Maoist China, or Pinochet’s Chile have reviewed a leader’s speech as breathlessly as Joe Biden’s State of the Union? Listen before you answer, Matt Taibbi wrote on Racket.

The media actually said, “Game on.” I guess they’re serious about him as a candidate. If he doesn’t make four years, Kamala makes a great figurehead. She has no core, just like Joe.

Biden was upright and made fewer errors than usual during the State of the Union, but he was very angry and insulting. For that performance, the media portrayed him as “fiery” with a commanding presence.


Biden was pumped up with something — Adderall trended for two days on X. Uncle Joe was extremely nasty toward his political opponents. He’s nicer to Russia. Most of the speech was about all the money we would send to Ukraine.

Biden said the border is open because the Republicans won’t agree to a border bill that legalizes 5,000 illegal aliens per day ad infinitum, among other bad things.

Biden and his Democrats offer war, child castrations, ungrammatical pronouns, corrupted military, corrupt executive agencies, pornographic books in school libraries, wild spending, inflation, open borders with no vetting, welfare for deadbeats, killing the unborn for no reason to the moment of birth, unequal treatment under the law, and a one-party system.

And as a bonus, we get a dementia patient in the Oval Office.


ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Mary Bruce praised President Biden’s “passionate” performance but was noncommittal about whether he would go on to debate rival Donald Trump.

“We’ll get to that at some point, and we’ll deal with that,” Harris said after initially sidestepping the question. “But the point is right now, on this day after the State of the Union, I think the president laid down the facts for the American people in terms of what’s at stake, and I thought he did an extraordinary job.”

Biden himself was asked directly as he left the White House for a campaign event if he would commit to debating Trump.

“It depends on his behavior,” Biden replied.

Great excuse. Does anyone care that Biden’s behavior is abominable? He’s attacking a political opponent as if he were a foreign adversary. Trump’s followers get the same treatment.

Angry, hate-filled Joe
NBC News wrote:

President Joe Biden delivered an energetic State of the Union address, focusing on abortion rights, threats to democracy and the economy — while sparring with jeering Republicans.

He’s energetic, and Republicans are jeering. Ok, then, very neutral.


CBS called his speech “spirited” and boasted of his “accomplishments.”

President Biden delivered his 2024 State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress Thursday night, promoting the accomplishments of his first three years in office and offering a spirited defense of his vision for the nation’s future.


“Real Time” host Bill Maher made the unique argument that President Biden should limit his public appearances despite his “great” performance at this week’s State of the Union address.

Maher kicked off his opening monologue Friday night by celebrating the “proof of life” seen during Biden’s speech on Thursday night. He concluded, “The state of the president is feisty.”

However, during his panel discussion, Maher insisted that the winning strategy for Biden ahead of the election is to “come out every once in a while.”

Maher is saying that because he knows Biden can’t debate and can’t campaign, but he has the entire state media campaigning for him.


Vox said the media has to stop focusing on “trivialities” [that would be dementia and destroying the country], and the SOTU proved that.

They wrote:

The verdict from the media is in — President Joe Biden put to rest concerns about his age for the time being with a “fiery,” “forceful,” “punchy,” and “vigorous” State of the Union address Thursday.


He couldn’t even get murder victim Laken Riley’s name straight, spent no time on the open border, but later apologized for calling Laken’s illegal alien murderer an illegal and spent most of his time talking about sending money to Ukraine. Our economy is starting to look like the Soviets before the fall.

On a hot mic, he said he told Bibi he would have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting.

This was a speech with no substance and lots of demagoguery. The media is the Biden campaign. Biden can’t do it so they will.

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