Hydrated Queer Kitties Perform for All Ages- Want All-Gender Sex Normalized


Libs of TikTok is suspended a lot lately. The Sentinel believes the reason is that she keeps telling the truth. Libs of TikTok just posts the LGBTQIA+Pride cultural events for children as well as educational programs. We’re not allowed to call them “groomers” but that’s what many call them.

The Drag and Pride Event is billed as an Austin family-friendly event for all ages. The performers, “Hydrated Queer Kitties,” said in the interview below that they want to sexualize children and hope the event grows to five times the size next year.

Libs of TikTok posted the sponsors, including:

Google, Ascension Seton, Capitol Wright, PNC Bank, Tito’s Handmade, Applied Materials H.E.B, The Powell Foundation, Tapestry, Crane Center, LALO, Four Hands, Richard’s Rainwater, Rambler, Kind Clinic, ViventHealth, Univision Austin, AMD.

The Hydrated Queer Kitties say that they want to normalize sex with the different genders. Remember, their performance is for ALL AGES.


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