They’re “Coming for Your Children” – No, Really


As gender theory overtakes the elementary school curriculum, parents are wising up and fighting it. In Virginia, parents are suing the Harrisonburg Public Schools’ policy over gender. The district instructs teachers and faculty to ask students their preferred pronouns at the beginning of school, then to use that “identity” in their interactions. If the child’s own parents aren’t aware that their son or daughter is using pronouns different from their biological ones, school staff is forbidden from sharing that information.

However, the forces brought to bear make any single lawsuit here and there into a game of Whack-a-Mole.


Last July, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, first established in 1975, released a new original song declaring they are “coming for your children.”

It mocks parents who want to keep their children away from the LGBTQ agenda:

You say we all lead lives you don’t respect. But you’re just frightened. You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct.

We’ll convert your children – happens bit by bit, quietly and subtly and you will barely notice it…

Just like you’re worried, they’ll change their group of friends, you won’t approve of where they go at night. And you’ll be disgusted when they start learning things online that you kept far from their sight…

We’ll convert your children – Yes we will! – reaching one and all, there’s really no escaping it, cause even grandma likes RuPaul…

The world’s getting kinder, Gen Z’s gayer than Grindr…We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children…The gay agenda is coming home. The gay agenda is here.

We thought they were joking sarcastically at the time.

No one is allowed to say they are grooming young children so we won’t say that.


The theories of modern gender theory come from a failed professor who thought pedophilia could be loving.

Harry Hay, the father of the gay “rights” movement back in the 1950s, openly endorsed NAMBLA and marched in support of them. Dr. John Money, the man who coined the term “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” also openly endorsed pedophilia.

The father of modern gender theory is John Money who disproved his own theories, especially the one that says pedophilia can be loving. This is the man whose theories now pervade the LGBTQ movement and which we see being taught in our schools to young children.

Read more at REDUXX. Editor Anna Slatz describes his support for pedophilia:

“Dr. John Money, a sexologist and psychologist from New Zealand who practiced at Johns Hopkins, is considered the first to coin the terms “gender identity” and “gender role,” describing the “internal experience of sexuality” and the “social expectations of male and female behavior” respectively. These concepts are prominently featured in trans activism today, and are used to bolster claims of “gender fluidity.”

“Like many sexologists, Money believed pedophilia was a harmless sexuality that, when practiced “properly,” led to the child suffering no harm. In fact, Money’s theories on pedophilia were so sympathetic that, to this day, his work is prominently featured on the website of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)– one of the longest-established pederast rights groups.”

It gets worse if you read the rest of the article. What he did to two little boys who later killed themselves is legend and horrific. He disproved all that he claimed was true about pedophilia.

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