Hypocrisy? Open Borders Clooney Said to Flee Europe for Safety Reasons


Open borders Clooney and his wife are taking their newborns and fleeing Europe for the safety of the United States, according to Life&Style Magazine. The Clooneys are said to believe it’s no longer safe in London.  However, he left the U.S. because of Trump’s border policy.

Clooney and his wife Amal condemned the border wall but here they are said to be leaving their London estate because it’s not safe. Why is it not safe? Well, the Swedes say it’s “certain people” causing the problem. These “certain people” are of course, radical Islamic terrorists.

They will  now live with their twins Alexander and Ella in their LA estate.

Life & Style wrote:

Life & Style has exclusively learned that George Clooney has recently made plans to move back to LA, for the safety of his family, after the latest spate of terror attacks in England.

“He doesn’t feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,” an insider says. “He’s determined to move his family to LA, where he feels much more secure.”

He also said he’s a target because of his humanitarian efforts in Darfur, the magazine wrote.

The article continued:

When George learned that he was going to be a father, those concerns went into overdrive. “As soon as Amal found out she was pregnant, he hired former Secret Service agents to assess all his properties and make recommendations for improvement,” the insider adds. “His mansion in Studio City [Calif.] was deemed the most secure, and it’s within minutes of an LAPD station.”

If true, the Hollywood hypocrite sees that as best for his family but us peons don’t have the same right to be safe.

Tolerance is great as is love for all immigrants, however, they must be vetted and they must be assimilated into our culture.

This hypocrite calls Trump a “xenophobic fascist” and praises Angela Merkel who is single-handedly destroying her nation’s culture and way of life. It’s fine for him to say since he can afford all the security he needs. It must be nice.

There are rumors that he is selling his Lake Como estate. The $10 million mansion is right next door – immediately next door – to a migrant camp. There are frequent fights in the camp.

Gossip Cop says it’s not true

Gossip Cop however reports that the Clooney’s are not moving for safety. They’ve always lived in London and LA and will continue to do so.

Even if that’s true, there is no doubt that he can afford guards and protections none of us will have as the threat of Islamic terrorism grows.

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