Hypocrite alert! Mayor Jenny really really cares…but not about you Seattle


While businesses and residents in the CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone are abused daily, and as people are killed, raped, and are victims of theft, Mayor Jenny laughingly calls it the Summer of Love, although she tried to take that back. She refuses to use the police to protect the people of Seattle, and, in fact, she won’t do anything. Then something happened to change her mind. The CHOPeans rallied at her home.

She was outraged and said so.

Along with the crowd was Kshame Sawant, a radical socialist, who seeks to overturn the U.S. government and our way of life. The Summer of Love babe wasn’t appalled by the fact that a City Councilwoman wants to overthrow the USA, no, what really lit her fire was when Sawant led the group to her home.


Mayor Jenny Durkan demands an investigation of Sawant, not for subversion, but for giving out her home address.

Jenny claims she gets death threats. If she does, they are probably from these leftist clowns. That’s what’s left in Seattle.

Durkan sent a letter to the City Council requesting it to exercise its duties and investigate Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

In the letter, Durkan says that she has “deep concerns about the continued actions of a Councilmember” and asks the Council to investigate Sawant’s actions and determine if any action should be taken.

She wants to punish or expel her for endangering her, a former prosecutor, but not for the people. Mayor Jenny is the worst sort of hypocrite.

And where is the Governor in all this? Why, he is still worried about face masks, the latest manufactured crisis:


The nation of CHOP has their own police force. It is their police who are likely the ones who killed a 16-year-old black boy and critically injured a 14-year-old black boy.

CHOPeans won’t let illegal immigrants into CHOP and police are illegal immigrants. The first thing they did was to establish borders. They are opposed to you having guns but they are heavily armed. The media tried to cover this all up, but now they just ignore it.

And how is CHOP doing? It’s fine. A truck removed the barricades and the lunatics put them right back up.

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