Iconic bust of George Washington torn down at George Washington U


“The spectrum of action from universities seems to range from deafening silence to cringing compliance in the face of such destruction.”

The school paper, The Hatchet reports that one of the iconic busts of George Washington was torn from its foundation on the campus of George Washington University. It has not however been discussed by the University or attributed to protesters, according to prominent attorney Jonathan Turley who graduated from the university.

When will people object? This is no different than what ISIS did. Professor Turley has long objected to efforts to dismantle or destroy historical monuments and statues. There might be some that have to come down but there needs to be a public debate on addressing these issues.

“Other statues and memorials to Washington have been destroyed around the country.  The news of the toppling of our own statue received surprisingly little coverage by The Hatchet and I did not hear any public statement from our Administration. I would have hoped that our university would have denounced this criminal act as a senseless and unacceptable act,” Turley writes.

“It certainly would seem to warrant a tad more than “A GWPD officer found the head of a George Washington statue removed from a stand. The head was found laying at the base of the stand. GWPD called Facilities Services following the discovery.”


The announcement was casual and no one appears to care. The incident would have been totally ignored if a student at the university hadn’t tweeted it out with a picture of the scene.

At the same time, 65 of their leftist law professors are accusing Attorney General Bill Barr of not following the Constitution as his oath demands. In truth, that’s all the AG does — strictly follows the Constitution. It’s the left that won’t follow the Constitution and it seems they don’t care about the law and vandalism either.

Democrats are afraid of what will turn up in the Durham probe, and that is why they are attacking the Attorney General.

This is a disgrace and these professors and administrators who don’t care are a disgrace.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago

This is nothing more then a Marxist uprising and the Republicans along with the Democrats are doing nothing. This is a typical government maneuver. They wait until the horse gets out of the barn and then try to close the door. The real American people had better WTF up because I’m afraid that this may get ugly unless we get some order in this country. Because these Soros funded Marxist aren’t going to stop.