Idaho Sheriff: The “Cusp of Complete Collapse” in the Drug Crisis


Idaho sheriff Kieran Donahue told Fox & Friends First today that his county is experiencing a “crisis level” of drug overdoses, especially fentanyl and methamphetamine, coming from across the southern border. He said we’re on the “cusp of complete collapse.”

“We’re at a crisis stage, quite frankly. We have never seen the numbers of seizures and the amounts of any drug, including methamphetamine, like we’re seeing in fentanyl. And of course, we’re still dealing with the methamphetamine crisis we’ve been in for years,” he told Carley Shimkus.

Donahue said he has had numerous hospitalizations of deputies just from being in contact with the potent drug.

The sheriff said these cartels are well-established and live in all communities throughout the United States.

“There is not a day or night goes by that we’re not dealing with someone associated with the Mexican cartels, at least in our community and communities throughout the state of Idaho. … We are at war with the cartels,” he said.

The cartels tried to kidnap his then-16-year-old daughter when he was on an FBI gang task force, but they interrupted the plot.

“My family’s been threatened by these gangs, by the cartel membership. They tried to kidnap my daughter years ago. She was 16 years old. Thankfully, that case got unraveled before it actually happened,” he explained.

The cartels killed his own nephew.

Donahue called DHS Secretary Mayorkas “idiotic” for claiming the southern border is secure and said the administration is “hiding from the truth” about what’s going on at the border.

“This is absolutely ridiculous to think this border is secure, that we’re safe in our communities. We are not. We are on the cusp of complete collapse.”

The Left is attacking the sheriff, claiming he’s racist and sexist. That’s predictable. We don’t know if it’s true, but he is a big target for the Left.

The sheriff is not even in a border state; if he’s correct, it’s even more of a crisis than we imagined.

A report at The Washington Examiner states drugs are the leading cause of young people in the United States.

“Driven largely by illegal fentanyl, drug deaths are now the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 18 and 45. Let that sink in: In the United States today, a young adult is more likely to die from a drug overdose than he is of cancer, in a car accident, or by suicide. The most recent numbers should be setting off alarms: More than 100,000 people lost their lives to drug deaths in 2021 — to say nothing of other associated injuries, the familial and social destruction drugs cause, and the crime rates that typically follow them.”

Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas are in league with the cartels by keeping our borders open. They don’t care if we’re on the cusp. It doesn’t matter to them at all.

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