Open borders Joe is keeping us safe from-wait for it-Canadians


Open borders Biden must have gotten some bad information, maybe from border csar Kamala — he’s keeping the northern border closed.

No, Joe, it’s the southern border, SOUTHERN!

How many terrorists and criminals have come across the southern border, do you think? We have at least 200,000 illegal aliens (we don’t do PC here) coming across the border and we have no idea who they are. We know many are Islamists from the Middle East and Africa.

But as long as we keep the Canadians out, we’re good.

Even Canada relaxed their travel restrictions but Biden has extended the travel ban. This is as our southern border is kept wide open to COV-afflicted foreigners coming illegally. The foreigners are pouring into Texas and Florida to turn them blue. They are spreading COV in those states.

You couldn’t write a fiction essay like this and have it believed. It’s INSANE!

As an aside, when is Joe going to make Kamala the Afghanistan csar?

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