Identifying Info on All LAPD Undercover Officers Released – Now There’s a Bounty on Them


Identifying information on all LAPD undercover officers was accidentally released, and they are now facing criminal threats.

A citizen journalist requested the names, badge numbers, and photos of more than 9,000 officers via the California Public Records Act, and the information had to be released. However, officers assigned to specialized units are not included.

Unfortunately, the agency mistakingly included the identifying information as well as images of personnel working undercover assignments, which was a major gaffe, officials acknowledged.

“We made a mistake. We made a big mistake,” Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michael Moore told FOX 11 Los Angeles during an interview.

“I deeply regret that this mistake happened. I understand personally, given my own death threats and on matters of me as a public figure and my family has endured as a chief and even before that, how troubling this can be to a member of this organization, and even more so to those that are involved in sensitive and or confidential investigations,” Moore said.

That’s an unforgivable mistake for officers who are now targeted by criminals.

“We have people who have taken the list and are now criminally, we believe, making threats against the safety of officers, calling for a bounty and awarding a bounty for individuals who would go out and kill a cop,” Moore explained.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPD officers’ union) has filed a complaint against Chief Moore and an unnamed police administrator. Officers are considering a lawsuit.

A lot of bad guys will now avoid prison since cases wil need to be dropped.

Moreover, LAPPL is also demanding that Twitter and Google remove information from their platforms that is threatening the personal safety of police officers, FOX 11 Los Angeles reported.

“I’ve been notified by a few officers already saying that they’re looking at other departments now before they get too much time invested here with the Los Angeles Police Department because they don’t feel that this department has their best interests at heart,” McBride said.

The Office of Inspector General is now investigating LAPD to determine exactly what transpired, causing the debacle.

Meanwhile, the chief is looking at the feasibility of seeking criminal charges against anyone threatening police officers.

According to FOX 11, an untold number LAPD officers said they are considering filing a lawsuit against the department for, “putting our lives at risk.”

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
11 months ago

I believe it was a mistake, I really do. And I believe Joe Biden is honest, lucid and in total control. And I agree with Joe Biden that ANTIFA doesn’t exist. And I believe all the Biden Administration’s inflation, open borders, embarrassing foreign policy, leaving $85B in first class military equipment including classified hardware behind for the Taliban, giving foreign aid to the Taliban running Afghanistan, giving billions to the corrupt Ukraine government, giving billions to the phony climate change activists, undermining our 1st Amendment, working to destroy our 2nd Amendment, continuing Obama’s politicizing and weaponizing every government agency against US citizens, etc., all of this and more since Biden was placed in the White House must be better than mean tweets from President Donald Trump even though America was prospering under his leadership.
Hope all of you realize this is satire but Democrat voters must believe it.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
11 months ago

American have a right to be concerned about the safety of all the information stored on computers and how that information may be accessed and used.

11 months ago

“We made a big mistake….wink wink”.