Identity Hate Politics: Politico Mocks Hurricane Victims


Politico tweeted a cartoon mocking Hurricane Harvey victims which they later deleted, but it remains on their website.

Their message is: there is no God rednecks, there’s government.

They mocked the religious faith and political views of Houston residents in the aftermath of the flooding.

The cartoon, drawn by artist Matt Wuerker, depicts a family sitting on the top of a house amid rising floodwaters on the verge of being rescued by a helicopter. One of the people calls the helicopter an “angel, sent by God,” to which the rescuer then sneers that he’s in the Coast Guard and sent by the government.

Apparently no one thought this inappropriate over there at the left-wing Politico.

A person’s religion, color, affiliations as right-wing does not make them less worthy of being helped in a disaster. Someone needs to tell Politico.

Metro and The Root are making it about race, calling blacks the biggest victims of the racist hurricane. Some groups like the Women’s March are only recommending aid to non-Whites.

The Women’s March is only interested in helping non-Whites. That goes right along with the hate from Politico.

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