If a Building Collapses on You, They Might Leave You There


The politicians and the media don’t care what the people think or want. They no longer fear the people, just their donors, and they are acting tyrannically. The media is just an activist arm of the Democrat Party.

They distract by using social issues while engaging in more destructive actions.


If a building collapses on you, they might leave you there if they don’t find you immediately.

Just this week, a building collapsed in Iowa, and the families have no idea what happened to their loved ones. The politician in the clip sure doesn’t seem to care.

Watch this and see for yourself (the callousness of the politician here is jaw-dropping):

With the backing of the media, the politicians voted for $50 trillion in debt in ten years when we cannot pay for it. They don’t care. Seventeen Republican Senators voted for it, but every Democrat voted for it, and they control government.

Republicans got something out of Biden and believe it’s a win. We can debate that, but the real problem is the Democrat agenda. They have decided they can and will win by buying everyone off, which they will continue to do until the economy collapses.

These are the 17 senators who voted for it. They almost always lean Democrat on essential matters:
  1. Arkansas Sen. John Boozman
  2. West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito
  3. Maine Sen. Susan Collins
  4. Texas Sen. John Cornyn
  5. North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer
  6. Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst
  7. Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley
  8. North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven
  9. Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran
  10. Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell
  11. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski
  12. Oklahoma Sen. Markwayne Mullin
  13. Uta Sen. Mitt Romney
  14. South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds
  15. South Dakota Sen. John Thune
  16. North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis
  17. Indiana Sen. Todd Young

What makes what they did despicable, however, is they gave Chuck Schumer 60 votes in advance before the vote, robbing the House of some of their leverage. You can never count on them. I don’t blame the House GOP who caved; I blame these senators. How do you feel?

While voting for unlimited spending, they are not doing the jobs they were elected to do.

Between open borders, destroying the economy, and indoctrinating children with Marxist hate, they are not helping or keeping the people safe.

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3 months ago

America won’t last until 50 Trillion in Debt. The Dollar will Crash at around 150% of GDP. I predict that will be around 1 January 2025 when the Debt will be 39 Trillion and the GDP will be 26 Trillion. The Democrats will them blame it all on President Trump.

The UniParty don’t realize that when the Dollar Collapses, politicians will be hunted down like rabid dogs. When the Dollar Collapses the Government won’t be able to pay anyone, so they can’t buy protection. Some politicians even have this belief that China will give them Asylum. They are that delusional.

When Currencies Collapse, so does the Government. People don’t pay taxes into a collapsed Government so the Government can’t hire workers who would even collect taxes. An underground Middle Class develops with little visible means of support. People with skills simply leave for jobs elsewhere. What little money that Government does collect goes to pensioners and the dirt poor to keep them from rioting. People will live in 3rd World Poverty on no more than 10% of what they made before a Collapse and Economic Growth is generally zero for 10 or more years.

Argentina collapsed in the Late 1980s and fell into hyperinflation in 1989. It’s economy still is in decline today. This is America’s future today because the politicians lacked the Courage to Balance the Budget.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

Mitch sidekick Barrasso voted against it, but he has an election next year in Wyoming, so he has to pretend to be USA first.