If Biden’s Elected, It’s President Harris & 4 Years of Humbuggery


Should Joe Biden win in November, we’d eventually end up with President Kamala Harris. He won’t make four more years. She’s to the left of Joe Biden. It’s hard to go further left than Biden, but she does.

Kamala has been the border czar and the AI czar. She accomplished nothing. We don’t know what she does now. Perhaps she watches TV.

Kamala wants national borders protected, not ours, Ukraine’s, and South Korea’s. She’s happy with the economy and has said the border is secure.

The foreign press has called her a “cackling nincompoop.”

Her Staff Picked her VP Contenders

If Joe Biden resigns, Kamala Harris’s staff has picked out VP contenders: Governors Roy Cooper of North Carolina, Andy Beshear of Kentucky, and Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania, with Cooper currently seen as the frontrunner.

Beshear pretends he’s a moderate, but he’s not; none of them are moderates.

What Her Presidency Would Look Like

Political scientists spoke with Newsweek about what her presidency would look like. One prominent political scientist in Surrey, England, Mark Shanahan, said a Harris presidency would likely “put more emphasis on minorities” and identity issues than Biden’s administration.

A second warned the White House could be “filled with more dissent and dysfunction” as a result of her leadership style. Thomas Gift, who heads the Centre on U.S. Politics at University College London, warned she has organizational issues– expect more “dissent and dysfunction” because of her style.

Her staff hates her, and she has a huge turnover rate.

I’m unsure why they had to go to England for an analysis.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama fans are begging her to take over. While it’s not a given that she’d win, she probably would. She could then be proud of her country again.

Biden seems to be replicating Barack Obama’s presidency, but Erick Erickson said the Bidens and Obamas hate each other, and Obama is not running the White House. He insists the White House is run by a man with dementia and his team of arrogant young people.

Could be.

Here’s a good overview of what we’re dealing with:
She named her biggest accomplishment in 2021.

She responded to a reporter:

“Well, that is a great question,” Harris replied. “Umm, I will tell you one thing. When I go to an event, whatever it is, and some dad or mom brings their kids, daughters, or sons and says that’s your vice president and challenges their kids to think about who does what as a way, I think of empowering the kids to know that they can do anything they want and not be confined by who has traditionally done what. I think that is one of the things that gives me joy is to know that that might be a possible impact.”

Basically, her answer is her existence.

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