If Crybaby Clinton Keeps Whining Dems May Demand Special Counsel…for her


Tuesday, September 8th marks the date Hillary Clinton kicks off her book tour. But as far back as August Democrats have been expressing concern over the release of her latest memoir, “What Happened”. And her recent behavior has done nothing to ease those worries.

Given some of the selected published excerpts, recent interviews, and thousand dollars fees for front row seats at her signings, Hill seems determined to prove she’s learned absolutely nothing from her failures. She remains completely politically tone deaf, aloof, incapable of truly accepting responsibility, greedy, narcissistic and remarkably unappealing.

A list of the “gobsmacked” Mrs. Clinton’s excuses covering her historic loss range from hilarious to pathetic. In no particular order she’s blamed:

Democrats, Macedonians (no joke!), DNC for supposedly being broke, Russians, angry people, white people, misogynists, fake news, bigotry, journalists’ “ambush” interviews, deplorable people, racists, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, sexism, Comey, Joe Biden, WikiLeaks, and voter ID Laws.

It may well be, beginning 9/12/17 the Democrat Party’s worst fears will be confirmed. Hillary taking the “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” approach to her stunning defeat could suffocate any new Dem messaging, refocus voter’s attention on a still unpopular losing candidate, and perhaps worst of all….elevate Donald Trump.

If the former first lady, Secretary of State, and twice failed presidential candidate continues whining and threatening a scorched earth book tour, desperate Democrats might demand another special counsel; but this time for her!

After all, nobody likes a crybaby, especially when she’s 70 years old. Besides, a real investigation into her shameful activities is the one thing Hillary truly has earned.


  1. QUIET!!! She may actually read this and change her course…. The best thing will be to let her proceed as is, which will cause her to self destruct…. a great outcome!!!

  2. All of the above also apply to her “can’t fix stupid” supporters. Stunning that they can’t see beyond the “D” of her party, which is taking a very left turn. They don’t seem to have learned from last year’s election.

  3. Hillary is obviously mentally unstable. She is so far separated from reality and any hint of recognition of her many contributions to the failure of her candidacy that she denies all logic. She needs the professional services of a clinical psychologist…badly.

    • Living a life of so much evil and harm done to so many people — I think we have no real idea of how widespread her and Bill’s crimes are — might cause you, in the end, to implode. There may be a glimmer of morality and humanity in her. Maybe not. Maybe it’s something else. But the spirit pays a price for such violations of morality.

    • She likely suffers from a narcissist behavioral disorder. It’s very difficult to treat, because the person would first have to admit to being wrong. If, after her 2016 defeat, Hillary can’t do that, she’s broken beyond repair.

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