If found innocent, DoJ thugs were going to arrest Chauvin in the court


If accurate, The Daily Mail revealed the DoJ had secret plans to arrest Derek Chauvin if he had been found not guilty in the courtroom.

“Multiple sources told the Star Tribune federal prosecutors were ready to move in and charge the white ex-cop on federal counts moments after a not guilty verdict on charges of second and third-degree murder, as well as manslaughter, or in the event of a mistrial.”

“Department of Justice prosecutors now also plan to bring civil rights violations charges – akin to hate crimes – of police brutality against Chauvin and the three other cops on duty with him when Floyd was killed in May 2020.”

What kind of country is this? The DoJ is going to make sure they get the verdict they want if the people disagree with them?

“DOJ investigators collaborated with their state counterparts at Minnesota U.S. Attorney’s Office to arrange to charge Chauvin by a process called criminal complaint which does not require a grand jury and would have sped up the process of bringing fresh charges against the former policeman amid fears a not guilty verdict would have prompted fresh riots.”

Chauvin was found guilty on all charges so they didn’t have to employ this Nazi-like tactic.

The DOJ is now planning to indict him and the three other cops involved in Floyd’s death on civil rights charges, a source told the Tribune.

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