If You Criticize Bloomberg, Steyer or Soros, You’re an Anti-Semite


Tom Steyer

When Barack Obama ran for office and later became president, every criticism was labeled racist so you couldn’t criticize a thing. When you say you don’t want open borders, you are a nativist, racist, and xenophobe. The latest is if you criticize Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, or George Soros, you are to be called an anti-Semite. This is what identity politics engenders.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy got hit with the false accusation after he tweeted — accurately

“We cannot allow [George] Soros, Steyer, and [Michael] Bloomberg to BUY this election! Get out and vote Republican November 6th,” McCarthy tweeted honestly and innocently Tuesday. He later deleted the tweet.

McCarthy said nothing about their race or religion, nonetheless, Steyer saw a line of attack.


As a result of his tweet, leftist billionaire Tom Steyer accused House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of “straight up” anti-Semitism.

“In terms of interpreting what [McCarthy] said, that seems to me like a straight up anti-Semitic move. I think that is a classic attempt to separate Americans. I think that absolutely falls in the category of what I’m describing as political violence,” Steyer stated Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

CNN host and troublemaker Jake Tapper fed the comment to Steyer. He actually tied the tweet into the attack at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday, and brought up that Soros, Bloomberg and Steyer have Jewish backgrounds. Tapper asked if the shared Jewish identity was a “coincidence.”

“I believe what we are looking for in America is something completely different from that,” Steyer said.


Despite examples such as Bernie Sanders’ crazed supporter shooting up a baseball field of GOP lawmakers; numerous Republican senators having their personal information compromised after getting doxxed; GOP Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner’s wife receiving a graphic video of a beheading; congressmen like Marsha Blackburn being torched and not allowed to speak a town halls; and judges being attacked with lies and near-riots, Steyer said it’s “absolutely false” to say that there is loud language of both sides.

This is all meant to silence the opposition. It won’t work. We can insult them, even if they are Jewish, Black, Gay, or anything else. They are hardcore leftists. Bloomberg has fascist tendencies and is trying to destroy the Second Amendment. Didn’t know Steyer was Jewish, don’t care, he’ s a nutcase. As for George Soros, he’s not much of a Jew and he’s demonic, an atheist, and raised with a Christian family who went around robbing Jewish people for Adolf.


President Donald Trump called Steyer a “crazed [and] stumbling lunatic who should be running out of money pretty soon,” on Twitter Sunday.

If you have heard Steyer’s rants in ads, you know he’s a nutcase and he’s illogical. Apparently he lies also.

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