If you’re flying to Atlanta, you ladies might want to avoid the restrooms


Flying to Atlanta?

“This order includes restrooms at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.”

The notoriously incompetent mayor of Atlanta has signed an order designating 100 city-owned restrooms as ‘gender-neutral.’ Some are single-use, but not all.

That will put women in more danger as men can get in claiming to be women. With all the homelessness and crime, this is Bottoms’ priority.

More than 100 restrooms owned by the city of Atlanta will now be designated for use by all genders.

Wednesday, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms signed a new administrative order at a ceremony that would designate the restrooms be gender-neutral.

In a Tweet, City of Atlanta’s Director of LGBTQ Affairs Malik Brown said he was “grateful to have a boss who uses every tool in her toolbox to move LGBTQ equality forward.”

How is it ‘equality’ to put women and girls in danger? This is coming from the party that allegedly cares about women.

h/t BJ

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