1-6 ‘political prisoners’ punished for Levin report of prison conditions?


Someone needs to investigate reports of the January 6th prisoners being deprived of their constitutional rights. Allegations of mistreatment, threats, and punishments of the prisoners who allegedly rioted or trespassed are growing.

Where are the lawyers, where are the civil libertarians, where are the honest Americans, where is the media?

People should be terrified by this and the next accusation in particular. While Democrats are after Trump supporters now, they will go after everyone who stands against them. Look at how they eat their own when someone goes against the narrative.

If that email is accurate, and we believe it is, this is right out of Stalin’s and Hitler’s playbooks.

This is the report that caused the problem:

Ms. Kelly called them political prisoners during the same report:


Levin also interviewed Ron Johnson on Sunday nigth. Senator Johnson said the reason more senators aren’t taking this issue on is that they are attacked in the press. Look at what they are doing to him.

Senator Johnson finds it very distressing that we have a two-tiered system. He said they are monitoring it.

All of the more than 440 prisoners are being treated as neo-Nazis, Klansmen, or terrorists, and not one has been accused of that.

Johnson can’t get any information from AG Garland. He is hoping to get community pressure stirred up.

He also said at least 309 people were let in by the police.


Biden lied and said “criminals” killed a police officer on January 6th but [the violent communists of] Black Lives Matter are just “objecting and marching…[saying] you are not allowing me to speak freely…”

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Wasn’t Levin one of those “conservative media who attacked Trump throughout the 2016 campaign? Didn’t he then spend 4 years making excuses for the DOJ not acting, and promising they would? What does he expect now? Garland is awful, but he is new to the situation. Consider how Barr treated Flynn. Barr had in his possession all the evidence clearing Flynn from day 1. To make sure, the DNI actually hand delivered it to him. Barr only cleared Flynn when forced to because his deception was about to come out. Barr was going to let Flynn be convicted.

Levin gets an audience by being a noisemaker.

Spell Motor Shorts
Spell Motor Shorts
2 years ago

They do have those in progressive utopias but this forward thinking enrichment is new to the comrades of the unity collective in Chiquitastan.
Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it.
A KGB for life ruthless leader vs. a fifty year career apparatchik with a woke cancel phobia due to past utterances?
What a ridiculous comparison.