Ignoring the science, Dr. Fauci fears people will believe Dr. Paul


While there is little doubt Dr. Anthony Fauci — the nation’s top bureaucrat of infectious diseases — is intelligent and knowledgeable, he has a fatal flaw. Dr. Fauci is enveloped in far-left thinking. He is not objective and has spent too many decades in the monolithic echo chamber of a government agency. As a result, we have a powerful man who can’t stay away from TV news shows blathering what he wants the public to know, which he himself has admitted is sometimes untruthful.

He has said he didn’t tell us the truth about masks because there weren’t enough masks for medical professionals. Dr. Fauci admitted to lying about herd immunity because he decided we weren’t ready to hear the truth. He’s the elite and you’re the dopey peon, get it?

Dr. Paul did eviscerate Dr. Fauci’s line of confusing misstatements during a hearing last week. Using studies showing that people who are immune from the COV do not have to continue wearing masks, he exposed a stammering Dr. Fauci who then resorted to general proclamations unsupported by the facts.

Senator Paul used studies to show there is NO science behind Dr. Fauci’s contention that we have to wear masks indefinitely despite immunity. Dr. Fauci’s response is, essentially, yeah, but, there might be a new strain. The particular one he talked about is in the U.S. and hasn’t killed anyone. It’s not even hospitalizing people.

Dr. Paul doubled down on Fauci’s “theatrics.”

Dr. Fauci is dismissing Dr. Paul, not with science, but with more unsupported talk.





  1. And thought would cut into his bottom line with so much more left to milk out of the Wuhandemic.
    Calypso Louie will tell the flock that Fraudci is a whitey and don’t get the jab? (racist!)

  2. Fauci certainly gets antagonistic when he’s questioned on his credibility. His arrogance shines through dramatically. Surprisingly he listed Remdesivir in his opening remarks. His initial recommendation on the “efficacy” consisted of much jargon and little substance. Recent reports have shown the results are as he stated, not much benefit, although he made a big deal out of it. He is a good example of the Peter principle, which must be a requisite in government employment.

  3. It should have been obvious that Fauci, Birx, and Redfield were all full of BS when the definition of “cases” was changed to include asymptomatic persons. Never before in medicine has cases included the asymptomatic. They went so far as scrubbing the CDC website of previous data.

  4. Dr. Fauci is not nearly as “bright ” as the Media makes him out to be. Fauci is a swamp creature. He knew from day one exactly how deadly SARS-Cov-2 was. He was financing the research, and the legality of that research is highly questionable. I think the Deep State got to Faici and threatened him with an investigation if he didn’t play ball with the Democrats. The Democrats needed to destroy the US Economy to get control of the Government again. Fauci was the key to doing that with declaring a need for the National quarantine and shutdown. Then there was the question of using hydroxychloroquine. The Government went out of its way to demonize hydroxychloroquine even when it was clear that pre-infection use in other countries reduced hospitalizations. Did Fauci know of the benefits of hydroxychloroquine? I’m pretty sure he did.

    In the end, Democrats were going to lose the election so then came the insurance policy; using mail-in ballots to stuff ballot boxes. Conspiracies are real, I spent over 20 years of my life working for the swamp and was able to study swamp creatures up close. There are multiple conspiracies underway all the time in the Beltway. As long as the politicians are allowed to get rich from Government service this will be normal operating procedure. Think about it, Fauci’s Government salary is more than the President’s salary! Most people of weak morals will do almost anything to make almost half a million dollars a year. The way Fauci continually lies it’s clear he’s a person of weak morals.

  5. Fauci is a POS and his involvement with Wuhan lab should’ve place him straight into the rope, after a civil tribunal decided he’s part of the Cabal.
    Gates and his lapdog Obama, as well.
    Soros and the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and that’s it, all cleansed up.
    BTW, the claimed virus was never isolated without sample adulteration.
    They combined human “spit” with monkey “piss”.
    It’s just a flu.

    Irish Government Admits: COVID-19 Does NOT Exist


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