Feinstein open to gutting the filibuster for a socialist transformation


Senator Dianne Feinstein on Friday said she was open to changing the Senate’s filibuster rules. She is joining President Biden and a growing slew of Democrats, especially Stacey Abrams.

They want to ram through laws to transform the USA into a socialist/communist country, using the chip-away approach first suggested by Stacey Abrams.

If Republicans don’t go along with gun control and hate crime laws, they will abolish or gut the filibuster.

“There are many significant issues Congress needs to address. Just this week we saw a union of gun violence, violence against women, and hate crimes in the tragic shootings in Atlanta,” said Ms. Feinstein, California Democrat.

She backed a plan to chip away at the rules bit by bit, an approach that is gaining popularity among Democrats, The Washington Times reports.

Democrats want to silence the minority party while they have the narrowest of margins in Congress.

The rules require legislation to clear a 60-vote threshold to survive. That’s enough to kill most far-left bills in the Senate that is divided 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans.


Stacey Abrams, widely known for her ability to steer elections to the far-left, came up with the idea of chipping away at the filibuster. Her idea, possibly borne of her alleged backers, the Red-Green Axis, is to have a filibuster for everything but voting rights and civil rights.

All of their far-left, transformative bills are called voting rights or civil rights issues.

They’ve marshaled the forces to fundraise and batter their congresspeople to do it.

You don’t have to believe any or all of this, but believe your eyes as statues are destroyed, books banned, opponents eviscerated by the cancel culture, people silenced, attacks on all our rights, such as the right to self-defense. And who do these people consider their voters? Felons, communists, socialists, illegal aliens who know nothing of our values, and others who hate America are their people.

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