Ilhan Omar’s husband’s firm got $500K in pandemic relief as he raked in $$$ advising her


Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s campaign paid millions to her husband’s media firm for consultations. The campaign gave him an additional $138,000 right before she severed ties. This followed her successful re-election, federal campaign finance filings show.

Omar’s husband, Tim Mynett, raked in millions during the 2020 campaign season from Omar’s campaign through his firm, the E Street Group LLC.
This is an addition to the nearly $2.8 million her campaign had already paid Mynett’s firm.

About severing ties, she said it might not look good.

What she did might be legal, but it’s definitely not ethical. She’s a grifter.

Omar, a Somalian refugee, married Mynett, her third husband who is not her brother, in March.

His firm even got another half-million in pandemic relief monies. That’s money that should go to the suffering middle class who have been locked down. He wasn’t locked down from consulting.



    • Because AG Barr is in on it. Any members of the Coup arrested? Hunter Caligula Biden’s Lap Top? Hillary in Prison? Comey in Prison? Election Fraud in the Light of Day? Anything at all done? NOPE!

  1. Which of Omar’s concurrent husbands are we talking about? And why no charges for bigamy or immigration fraud yet? Oh yeah…she’s a Democrat. And black. And female. And an Islamist. All protected classes.

  2. It’s why I’ve become convinced the only reason Anyone goes into politics is to fill their Own Damn Pockets. Everyone. Can you trust even one of them.

    Not one peep from Josh Hawley.

    We see photographic proof who are the real constituents.

    Why the change of heart.

    What changed? A new analysis by the Google Transparency Project shows that Lee’s change of heart came after a lengthy, multifaceted campaign by Google and other big technology companies aimed at neutralizing Lee and his allies in the tea party movement. The company launched big projects in his home state and poured money into his 2016 reelection campaign, while Google and others in big tech hired away Lee’s staffers and allies.

    Realize THIS: It costs very damn Little to buy a single member of Congress. It’s the exact same with many others, Including the “well-liked” Jim Jordan and His Memo.

    Google’s political action committee contributed $7,500 to Lee’s reelection campaign the day of the scheduled event, according to FEC records.

    WHEN, really WHEN, has anyone seen Congress do one damn thing FOR THE PEOPLE. They attempt to placate the public with Tax Cuts. A good percentage of “the Public” pays Zero taxes anyway. It’s ONLY a method to soothe the public while giving the “connected” all the benefits. What is the actual “tax liability” of Amazon, a 1.7 TRILLION dollar company, behind Apple’s 2 TRILLION, with liquid assets in the Hundreds of Billions.

    And we should care, Why?

  3. Read earlier that the BLM comrades got mommygov money in Oregon. Meanwhile Nan sits on the relief funds for deplorables AKA people independent of government.
    She just cracked open another gourmet ice cream from the fancy Nancy refrigerator because she feels the pain of the comrades.

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