Illegal Alien Brothers Murdered Deputy Ned Byrd


Three Mexican brothers identified as part of an investigation into the shocking murder of a North Carolina sheriff’s deputy were all in the country illegally.

Alder Alfonso Marin Sotelo, 25, and Arturo Marin Sotelo, 29, have been charged with the shooting murder of Deputy Ned Byrd.

Their younger brother Rolando Marin Sotelo, 18, faces a weapons charge but has not been charged in connection with the deputy’s killing.

All three slipped in illegally.

Ned Byrd and his K-9 partner

Rolando was deported and returned. When he returned, he was given “parole” and, after three years, hasn’t had his immigration hearing.

Rolando was arrested on August 16 in North Carolina when his car was found with marijuana and dozens of rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Alder, wasn’t encountered by federal authorities until he was arrested in connection with the murder of Byrd. But he did have a local citation in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, last year for firearms possession. He didn’t show up to court twice and they dismissed the charge as a result!

Arturo and Alder Sotelo

These brothers should never have been in the country.

Officer Byrd, 48, was shot and killed in Raleigh around 11 p.m. on August 11. It is not known why he was in that neighborhood.

They assassinated Officer Byrd. He was a 13-year veteran of the force in Wake County, North Carolina — one of the nation’s

most dangerous sanctuary jurisdictions.

Rolando Sotelo

In the early morning on August 12, prosecutors allege that illegal alien brothers 25-year-old Alder Alfonso Sotelo and 29-year-old Arturo Marin Sotelo shot and killed 48-year-old Byrd in Raleigh after he had gotten out of his unmarked patrol vehicle. Byrd’s K9 partner Sasha was left in the vehicle at the time.

Byrd was later found shot to death outside his patrol vehicle.

He was found dead by another deputy who went to check on him just after 1 a.m. His K-9 partner, Sasha, was still in his vehicle.

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