Illegal Alien Sues US for $60 Million After She Makes Horrible Choices


Yazmin Juarez dragged her 19-month old daughter Mariee on a dangerous journey from Guatemala so she could enter the U.S. illegally. Taking the baby meant she would be out of detention within 20 days.

The mother says Mariee allegedly caught a respiratory illness in detention and received inadequate medical care. She likely could have had it before. The daughter died six weeks later of viral bronchiolitis, adenovirus and parainfluenza 3. The mother filed a wrongful-death claim against the United States for $60 million.

Yazmin Juarez alleges that her daughter Mariee contracted a respiratory illness while being detained at a family detention center in Dilley, Texas, the AP reported.

The migrants are coming in with all manner of illnesses and are being released into the interior after 20 days when they have a minor with them. It’s a scheme supported by activist U.S. judges, the media, and Democrats.

Juarez and Mariee jumped the border in Texas. If they hadn’t made the journey, it is highly likely, the young child would still be alive.

The taxpayers footed the medical bills and ICE provided medical care.


Juarez is demanding a $60 million settlement from the US, saying she will file a lawsuit if the government doesn’t settle her claim. Juarez’s attorney, R. Stanton Jones of the law firm Arnold & Porter, said the government has six months to respond to her claim.

They are an elite firm and she is a poor, uneducated single mother from Guatemala. It’s truly amazing how she secured this firm and how much publicity it has gotten in left-wing publications. NPR says it shows the concerns people have with detention. The left wants detention and deportation abolished and she will be the poster girl for it.

The wrongful death claim was lodged against several federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).


“Having made the decision to jail small children, the U.S. government is responsible to provide living conditions that are safe, sanitary and appropriate,” Jones told the AP in a statement, ICE said it provides good medical care to illegal-alien detainees. “ICE takes very seriously the health, safety, and welfare of those in our care,” said a spokesperson.

“Comprehensive medical care is provided to all individuals in ICE custody. Staffing includes registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, licensed mental health providers, mid-level providers that include a physician’s assistant and nurse practitioner, a physician, dental care, and access to 24-hour emergency care. Pursuant to our commitment to the welfare of those in the agency’s custody, ICE spends more than $250M annually on the spectrum of healthcare services provided to those in our care,” the statement continued.

Five pediatricians who reviewed Mariee’s symptoms, vital signs, and doctor’s notes in ICE medical records from her time at Dilley, told VICE News that the course of treatment Mariee received was consistent with what they would do for a toddler presenting with those symptoms.


She was in other places before she died. On March 25, Yazmin and Mariee Juarez were transferred out of the Dilley facility and put on a flight to New Jersey from San Antonio. The child was seen by a pediatrician who gave her medical care until her mother brought her to an emergency room. She spent the next six weeks in the hospital until she died on May 10.

Where we once kept lawful immigrants out of the country if they had head lice, we now allow people with all manner of illnesses into the country.

“The Government of Baja, California reported treating 818 respiratory infections and providing 1,286 general medical consultations to members of the migrant caravan,” the San Diego Tribune reported last week.


Yazmin wants to sue us for the $60 million and she wants asylum too although she probably doesn’t qualify as most of the migrants don’t. They are here for jobs and welfare.

Most illegal immigrants are not political refugees with legitimate asylum claims. In reality, they are economic migrants who merely want to come to the US to live a better life — in which case, they need to get in line like everyone else and wait their turn.


Laura Ingraham happened to go over the cost of caring for the teens in detention. They cost the U.S. taxpayer $1200 a day per day.


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4 years ago

This is her way of forcing a green card and making a whole bunch of money! This lawsuit she be VOID since she was breaking the law to begin with!!!!

Michael Kinzig
Michael Kinzig
5 years ago

R Stanton Jones??? Wanna get rich off the backs of American citizens ?? What did Shakespeare say????

5 years ago

Rest assured, there are salivating vultures, aka “Ambulance chasers” just waiting to be contacted or have someone put them in touch with such people as the Mother of this girl.

5 years ago

Unless the mother has secretly discovered a cancer cure, her life together with every person in “detention” isn’t worth 50 cents, much less 50 million! She murdered her daughter, now it’s time to deport her!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

The Democrats will claim that medicare for all, including illegal aliens will solve this problem. Companion article at American Thinker–‘Migrant Caravan of Diseases’ by Brian C. Joondepth.