Illegal aliens call Uber or Lyft once across


Smugglers are telling illegal aliens crossing the border into one New Mexico town to call Uber or Lyft when they reach the U.S., Fox reports.

The police are powerless to stop them once in cabs.

The illegals all have nice iPhones.

“That’s probably an (Uber),” police officer E. Gallardo told a local KRQE reporter of a car that was going up and down an Encinos neighborhood street in Sunland Park. It quickly left the area when it spotted the police car.

“Almost everyone carries a cell phone now,” Gallardo said of how migrants keep in touch with smugglers or rides.

Gallardo said that in Sunland Park many migrants come down a mountain early in the morning and cross into the U.S., where smugglers sometimes instruct them to order an Uber or Lyft.

Uber told Fox News when approached for comment that the company has a law enforcement team that works with local police departments with investigations, and also partnered with various nonprofits to educate drivers on how to pick out and report potential human trafficking.

Lyft didn’t respond to Fox yet.

Local police explained they don’t stop vehicles that pick up passengers along the border unless they see the driver speeding or a car carrying more occupants than it’s built for.

Uber and Lyft admit they hire illegal aliens.

Illegals hide under mobile homes and on private property. Gallardo said he can protect home owners but has to tread lightly. The politicians want illegal immigration.

​​”People blame us sometimes, here in the municipality. We tell them it’s outside of our jurisdiction. You want to place blame? We know exactly where to do it, and that’s in Washington. And whether it be the president, Congress, the Senate, whatever it is, they’re the ones who can take care of it,” McAllen Texas Mayor Javier Villalobos told Fox News on Thursday.

He said the city is at it’s “breaking point.”

All of these people will vote for Democrats once they have amnesty and citizenship. We will all be under totalitarian rule. Many of these people are criminals and the country will be destroyed.

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