Illegal Aliens Kidnap, Execute Woman, Shot Her in the Head 13 Times


Breitbart and kappa tv reported that five illegal aliens were arrested in George, Washington. They were wanted in connection with the murder of Jill Sundberg who was allegedly shot 13 times.

Shortly before the murder, according to witnesses accounts, Ms. Sundberg argued with Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, age 39, who is charged with her murder and kidnapping, both in the first degree.

Also arrested are:

  • Ambrosio Medez Villanueva, 25, and Julio Mendez Villanueva, 25, with murder and first degree kidnapping.
  • Salvador Espinoza Gomez, 24, was charged as a witness in addition to illegal possession of a firearm and drug charges.
  • Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, 33, also was charged as a witness on top of immigration charges.

The Grant County Sheriff confirmed that all five were in the U.S. illegally, KHQ’s Patrick Erickson Tweeted.

Shortly after the argument with Rodriguez, Sundberg was kidnapped and taken to the location where her body was eventually discovered.

The five arrested were seen leaving the RV park where the argument took place. Sundberg’s hands were allegedly being held behind her back by Ambrosio.

The suspects and the material witnesses drove her to a rest area alongside a highway, according to the police report. Ambrosio was seen kicking the back of one of her legs, forcing her to the ground. Rodriguez then allegedly shot her at least 13 times in the head.

After shooting the woman, Mendez Villenueva reportedly wrote a note in Spanish on a piece of carboard and placed it on her back. He secured the message in place by stabbing it into her back with a knife, the report obtained by FiberOne revealed.

The gang of illegals then went and bought some beer.

Sundberg’s body was found on December 22.

Roland Martin said on CNN Wednesday that he was very concerned about Donald Trump allowing the re-opening of CIA prisons where captives can be interrogated. He believes they were used to torture people. He said Donald Trump “seems to not give a damn” about human rights. What about the human rights of Jill Sundberg? He and his buddies on the left only care about terrorist and foreigner human rights. This is a man who wants open borders without any checks and balances. He’s so typical of the promoter of hell we have allowed to continue through the last eight years.

John McCain is “concerned”. Why wasn’t he concerned about this carnage?

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