Illegal Allegedly Murdered an Officer & a Man in El Salvador While on the lam for 25 Years


Maricide Albarenga Aguilar, an illegal alien with multiple identities and potential gang involvement, was arrested in Houston for the murder of Cpl. Charles Galloway.

Oscar Rosales

Also known as Oscar Rosales, he spent 25 years on the lam hiding from authorities after violating his probation for a 1995 aggravated assault of a deadly weapon charge. Records indicate Rosales, then known as Maricide Albarenga Aguilar, stabbed another man with a knife in a bar fight. A few months later, prosecutors revoked the probation and issued a warrant for his arrest when he didn’t fulfill his community service obligation.

KHOU CBS 11 reported: “It is reported that he is wanted for murder in El Salvador between his 1996 absconding from probation and the murder of Corporal Galloway,” according to Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.

Cpl Chas. Galloway

Police said they believe Rosales gunned Galloway down during a traffic stop using a semi-automatic rifle — which Chief Troy Finner would not say had been recovered or not. He also would not say how Rosales entered Mexico to the city of Ciudad Acuña. The chief, however, described the allegations against Rosales as “sheer evilness.”

“He did it and he’s going to be held accountable,” Finner said.

Rosales said his father was from Mexico but that he lived some time in El Salvador before telling her he was a Guatemalan citizen. Court records from 1995 and this week list him as a Salvadoran national.

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WAR is the Answer
WAR is the Answer
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