IRS Wants Bio Data from Phones & Computers for ID Which Can Then Be Used As Evidence


Any taxpayer who wants to access their records — including details about child tax credits, payment plans, or tax transcripts – will have to submit their biometric data from phones and computers which the IRS can later use as evidence should there be an investigation.


Face Scanning Tool: Taxpayer “Geolocation can be gleaned””Mobile phones are used as a piece of evidence themselves”

by John Kartch, Americans for Tax Reform

The new IRS face-scanning system will require taxpayers to use their phones or computers to submit biometric data. And according to the IRS, “Mobile phones are used as a piece of identity evidence themselves” noting that “Geolocation can be gleaned from the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the event of an investigation into a user.”

See the relevant excerpt from this IRS document, below:

The use of mobile phones is required in order for the applicant to complete the IAL2 identity proofing process. Mobile phones are used as a piece of identity evidence themselves and to capture additional identity evidence (e.g., photo of government issued identification document). Geolocation can be gleaned from the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the event of an investigation into a user. Biometrics are used in our LOA3, IAL2, and IAL2+ Liveness policies, leveraging best-of-breed facial matching technologies for comparing still (IAL2/LOA3) or video (IAL2 + Liveness) selfies against the photo evidence uploaded by the user.

As noted by the Washington Post, “by this summer, anyone wanting to access their records — including details about child tax credits, payment plans or tax transcripts — on the IRS website will be required to record a video of their face with their computer or smartphone and send it to the private contractor to confirm their identity.”

As part of their “Build Back Better” plan, President Biden and congressional Democrats have proposed the addition of 87,000 new IRS agents and auditors. They are still trying to give the IRS new powers to automatically access and store all commercial and personal bank account inflow and outflow data, and Venmo, Paypal, CashApp data for what the Biden Treasury Department officially describes as a “Comprehensive Financial Account Reporting Regime.”

The House-passed “BBB” plan would generate 1.2 million additional IRS audits per year, about half hitting households making less than $75k.

Combined with the new IRS biometric tools, taxpayers are right to be concerned.

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1 year ago

There was a time when people thought the Government was there to serve the People. As long as there is a 13th Amendment and the IRS that will never happen!

1 year ago

How are they going to identify you with your free GOV. VIRUS mask on ????? ha,ha,ha,

Rhetorical Is Fun
Rhetorical Is Fun
1 year ago

Will this eventually be used at your home work station (where the playing gets done) so they know that it is comrade citizen serial number and not some random guest or hacker?
A local grocery has a thumb reader for clocking in/out due to coworkers performing this for others and getting the hours worked wrong.
It is a union (CPUSA/CCP) shop.

Historic Samizdat Czar
Historic Samizdat Czar
1 year ago

Good, good, I use none of those tracking devices and this is a shared family machine that gets cache flushed every few hours.
Anything downloaded is sent over to flash drives or burned off to disc for Samizdat purposes.
Work off the books whenever possible and family are tax evader rebels from way back.
The rule of law is gone, the republic is destroyed, why would you give it any obedience or credence.
Many people warned us that the CCP/CPUSA Biden-Harris abomination would mean the end of the republic and we are there.
The Fundamental Transformation into West South Africa is complete, prep accordingly.