Illegal immigrant featured at DNC was deported by Clinton, flagged by Obama-Biden


The Washington Times reported that the illegal ‘immigrant’ who was featured at the DNC convention on Wednesday was first deported by Bill Clinton and was flagged by the Obama-Biden administration for deportation. She sneaked back into the country.

Alejandra Juarez first sneaked into the U.S. in 1998, was caught at the border, and was removed.

She came back immediately and married a U.S. citizen. In 2013, she came to the attention of ICE which renewed the deportation order.

Mrs. Juarez was finally deported by the Trump administration in 2018. She committed a felony coming back into the country after deportation.

The Democrats portrayed this as mean Trump.


On Wednesday her 11-year-old daughter, Estela, was featured at the Democratic National Convention, accusing Mr. Trump of forcing her family to be separated.

“Now my mom is gone and she’s been taken from us for no good reason,” Estela said in a video where she read a letter to the president.

We agree. They shouldn’t be separated. The family should immediately be transferred to wherever Mrs. Juarez lives now.

She said her father voted for Mr. Trump in 2016 but won’t do so this year.

“Every day that passes, you deport more moms and dads and take them away from kids like me,” she read, as the video played a clip of Mr. Trump saying in August 2016 that “we will begin moving them out Day 1.”

President Trump was talking about criminals at the time.

Estela then went on to refer to the president’s zero-tolerance border policy from 2018, which saw children separated from parents who were sent to jail for days.

“Some of those kids are now orphans because of you,” Estela said, as clips played of Mr. Trump saying “They’re animals.” But when he talked about animals, Mr. Trump was actually referring specifically to MS-13 gang members as animals — something he’s done repeatedly, citing the mostly immigrant gang’s propensity toward extreme violence.

Democrats are frauds. Someone should tell this little girl the truth.

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