Illegal “Fugitive” Slashes, Stabs Man at Bus Stop After He Asks Him to Stop Urinating


WJLA-TV reported Tuesday that Salvador Gomez-Lopez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, stabbed and slashed a Maryland man after he asked him to stop urinating at a bus stop.

This happened last November. Gomez-Lopez, 46, reportedly began urinating in public while standing at a bus stop.

The victim said he asked Gomez-Lopez to use a public restroom instead of urinating publicly. That was enough for Gomez-Lopez. He pulled his trusty box cutter out of his backpack and attacked the victim.

The victim was able to wrestle away. When the police arrived, the victim had serious slash and stab wounds to his stomach, face, and neck. He is still alive. This man almost got the death penalty for asking some pig to stop urinating in public.

Gomez-Lopez was “drunk and belligerent”, uncooperative, and tried to give an alias to police. This dreamy illegal is a “fugitive”, according to Fox News.

He is going on trial in April and faces up to 38 years in prison for numerous charges. That will cost taxpayers.

This took place in Wheaton, a Sanctuary locale. Sanctuaries are protecting the likes of this guy. There is no justification for sanctuary communities. Let’s return to the rule of law.

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